Boardwalk Enterprises: Secret Society members want to be compensated for committing criminal fraud

EGF citizens and taxpayers are the bad guys

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 10, 2016, 12:09 P.M. CST

What is love? Puppies? Candy?

'Just $510,000 from peole like you, can help build a huge profitable complex called Boardwalk Bar and Grill for people like me'

EGF Mayor Lynn Stauss

Polk County court records show a Notice of Filing was entered on June 9, 2016, for a lawsuit filed by Boardwalk Enterprises LLP, Boadrwalk Bar and Grill LLC.vs. The City of East Grand Forks, Minnesota, East Grand Forks Economic Development and Housing Authority of East Grand Forks.

Judge Jeff Remick has been assigned to the case.

Jon R. Brakke is listed as the attorney for Boardwalk. The City of EGF is listed as PRO SE.


Here's what happened.

Public officials and secret society members conspired to enrich themselves by taking out a government loan and then using men/women on the inside, including the Economic Housing and Development Director (and his married girlfriend in the EGF office) and City Attorney to make the loan dissapear from the record.

They used the money to build a swanky and very profitable facility called the Boardwalk complex. Neither side of the now filed court case ever said a word about the loan payments that were not being made.

They all thought they were real cute during their private meetings.

EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad (thinks he cute)

And a decade passed.


Even an intelligent six year-old can understand that after a person takes out a very large bank loan, the person that loaned the money knows they are supposed to be making regular payments on the loan.

Nobody involved in the criminal fraud said anything because they were all going to financially benefit - it was free money.


One example of a conspirator in the Boardwalk Enterprises scheme is EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad. He is still the City Attorney even though he was involved in the original scheme and re-located his law firm's office into the Boardwalk complex.

Galstad is on both sides.

He is on the City of EGF side as the city's attorney- and he is (secretly) one of the conspirators that hid the paperwork so they would not have to pay the loan back.

The EGF city council sits around and acts like that's just fine, which might provide some insight into who else might be involved.

Galstad should be disbarred from law practive and criminally charged with the felonies he has committed.


Mayor Lynn Stauss conspired with his family and others to steal the money and get rich. They are un-charged felons and should be arrested.

Instead - taxpayers will have to fund a defense agaist a lawsuit against the City brought by warring co-conspirators that are elected officials and paid employees of that very same City.

They couldn't solve the problem during their secret society meetings so now they want you, the tax payers, to pay them some more money for "defaming" them and being "malicious".


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