Broward County (domestic violence) court demands Minnesota investigative journalist turn over his FIREARMS - and SHUT UP! - Never been to Florida - No crime alleged

Grand Forks' Handy Law Group represents targeted FBI witness, journalist, and author

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 28, 2018 at 9:43 A.M. CST

Gretchen Handy, Handy Law Group, Grand Forks, North Dakota is squared off with prosecutors in a bizzare and explosive Minnesota case that could shape the future of the United States.

If you think your First and Second Amendments are safe - think again.  

Timothy Charles Holmseth has never been to Florida; never dated anyone in Florida; and naturally, has never been charged with a crime in Florida.

But - a domestic violence court in Broward County demands Holmseth's guns.

An Order from Broward County names Holmseth as Respondent and says Holmseth shall surrender all guns, ammunition, and weapons permits to Broward County.

In February of 2018 the police in East Grand Forks, Minnesota where Holmseth resides, arrested Holmseth, an award winning journalist and credible FBI witness, for talking about the Parkland school shooting in Florida in a You Tube video. He was arrested for allegedly publishing court files that included a name Broward County says he can't mention.

On October 26, 2018 the police in East Grand Forks, Minnesota came to Holmseth’s residence again arrest him. Officers told Holmseth he had made an "indirect reference" to somebody in Tweet. Holmseth was talking about the so-called MAGA BOMBER arrest in Broward County.

Holmseth is not a felon and passed security review to enter secure areas of a federal facility.

Holmseth is presently represented by Attorney Gretchen Handy, Handly Law Group, Grand Forks, North Dakota.


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