Secret recordings purged from Florida PI’s computer to dodge a lawyer’s subpoena reveal shocking truth about Caylee Anthony murder

U.S. Court has evidence - - - You – the American public can determine why Richard Grund thought CSI was going to find Grund semen on Caylee’s body

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 4, 2017, 12:56 P.M. CST

Mainstream news reports during the Casey Anthony murder trial never once alluded to a group that all knew what really happened to Caylee Anthony.

The official story was Casey Anthony murdered her daughter and did it all by herself.

That’s simply not true – it was fake news.


Many members of law enforcement, Florida States Attorneys, private lawyers, Florida DCF, as well as Nancy Grace, knew the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings on February 10, 2009, 75 miles north of Orlando, was directly connected to Caylee Anthony’s skeletal remains being found on December 11, 2008.

HaLeigh’s kidnapping was staged to create reasonable doubt in the Caylee Anthony murder investigation.

I have the proof on tape.

On September 1, 2017 I submitted a NOTICE OF REMOVAL for FEDERAL QUESTION to the U.S. District Court – District of Northern Florida – which I filed in response to a bogus ‘cyber stalking claim’ made against me in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

It contains information that is the beginning of telling America the real truth about what happened to Caylee Anthony.

My court filing sets forth Federal Question arguments based upon federal statutes regarding child pornography, child exploitation laws, blackmail and extortion, witness tampering, kidnapping, murder, and the First Amendment.  

Every statement I made to the federal court is under penalty of arrest if there is any perjury by me (and that’s not going to happen, folks).

Ironically, the fact I use the word “REDACTED” is actually one element of the Federal Question being raised.

  1. REDACTED is conspiring against HOLMSETH’S rights because in 2011, REDACTED’S private investigator, WILLIAM STAUBS, through his attorney Doug Roberts, advised REDACTED that he purged his (STAUB’S) computer and file system of all files that REDACTED was seeking from STAUBS via a subpoena; and that he sent the files to HOLMSETH.
  1. The un-solicited audio files HOLMSETH received have placed HOLMSETH in danger because the content of the files implicates multiple persons in criminal activity. The content is also very embarrassing to many. 
  1. The U.S. Court has Federal Question Jurisdiction under 28 U.S. Code § 1331 because REDACTED’S Petition to the Florida State Court includes a direct reference to, and relies upon the credibility of, a domestic violence protection order obtained by REDACTED against HOLMSETH in the Divorce Division (DVCE) of the Broward County, Florida courts, which HOLMSETH maintains and asserts was fraudulently obtained by REDACTED in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 241 - Conspiracy against rights.

The following is a very small sample of audio.

ATTORNEY: I said you know what? He’s probably working for that Dominic Casey guy. Because Dominic Casey has been trying to get Bill (Staubs) arrested. So he can get him thrown out of town and thrown off the case - since day one. So he can go off in his glory and solved this case. I even talked to Dominic Casey about it who’s saying Bill’s going to jail – Bill’s doing this – Bill’s going to jail. And I said, you know, tried to get Dominic Casey to leave Bill alone. And he won’t – he won’t – Dominic Casey wants Bill in jail.

PAULA ANDREWS (Fiancé’ of William Staubs): I thought he was in the Caylee case or doesn’t he supposedly have something to do with Casey Anthony?

ATTORNEY: No, no he’s in the HaLeigh case now. And he’s got CI’s (Confidential Informants) that he claims he’s busted Bill tampering with evidence – that he’s told the police about it – that he’s busted Bill taking down Snodgrass. I had to get – so then I’m thinking to myself this fucking dick Jeremiah is one of Dominic Casey’s CI’s. That he’s got – that he’s trying to get all of us in trouble.

Staubs told me Jeremiah Regan was on the telephone with Dominic Casey when Staubs located a 'bloody sheet' which the Putnam County Sheriff's Office took into custody. Jeremiah Regan told law enforcement that Staubs planted the evidence.

Staubs told me he was being accused of ‘Conspiracy to Create Reasonable Doubt’ in the Casey Anthony case.


Staubs told news reporters he was working for Rev. Richard Grund who is the father of Casey Anthony’s former fiancé’ Jesse Grund.

Richard Grund told me there was a conspiracy against his family by the Anthony’s that involved Casey Anthony attempting to extract seminal fluid and pubic hair from Jesse Grund in a shower so it could be planted on Caylee’s dead body.

You – the American public can determine why Richard Grund thought CSI was going to find Grund semen on Caylee’s body.

The National Enquirer reported Cindy Anthony expressed concern that Richard Grund may have killed Caylee as part of his weird rituals.

It appears that may be the case.

Wayanne Kruger, Crystal Sheffield's adocate, and associate of Richard Grund, told me she feared Richard Grund may have killed the missing child HaLeigh Cummings in another one of his "frickin excorcisms".

Dominic Casey’s report to law enforcement that Staubs was planting evidence was true.

Staubs was trying to make it look like HaLeigh Cummings had been abducted and murdered by a roving child killer who also killed Caylee Anthony.

On July 13, 2009, I authored a 22-page report to the FBI that detailed exactly the same thing PI Casey reported to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office about evidence planting.

I also spoke directly with Major Gary Bowling, the director of law enforcement at the Putnam Sheriff’s Office and Bowling admitted law enforcement knew about the evidence planting by Staubs and others.

The attorney told Paula Andrews, “I’m trying to protect Bill’s ass – talking to State attorneys – talking to four fucking cops – saved his ass from going to jail,” the attorney said.

The corrupt activities of law enforcement involved in concealing the secrets of the Caylee Anthony and HaLeigh Cummings cases were interstate, and involved the police department in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, as well as the County Attorney in Polk County, Minnesota where I reside.

Secret emails from East Grand Fork Police detective Lt. Rodney Hajicek’s private Gmail account have revealed Hajicek was conspiring with Nancy Grace’s journalist Art Harris to have me arrested after learning the FBI in Florida was following evidence they received from me.

On July 10, 2009, Hajicek exchanged emails with CNN Harris via Hajicek’s private Gmail account, as the two men discussed how they could possibly have the Polk County Attorney’s office arrest me.

“I’m in shock, but just heard the FBI actually paid a visit to the Web design firm in Florida that donated their time to the website for the missing child. Based on [Timothy Holmseth’s] absurd accusations he’s now almost gotten a 23 year employee fired for sending the child’s photo on her company email to the pro bono web firm,” Harris said.

The secret emails that never showed up in public records requests I made to EGF Police Chief Michael Hedlund, included my 22-page report to the FBI that detailed the activities of the fake search and planted evidence, and provided the name of a man, John Regan, who dressed as a pastor and told searchers he was an undercover pedophile for the FBI and CIA.

Now observe - Harris was actually working for the attorney.

The attorney told Paula Andrews, “I’m trying to say everything right on the news but I hear one thing to say from Art (Harris) and another thing to say from Bill – I confirm everything with Art which is what I am supposed to say-do – Art sends me bullet points of things I’m allowed to say and not allowed to say and that’s exactly what I fucking say and then when him and  Bill don’t get their messages straight of what they want me to say then I’m blamed every time for saying too much or not enough”.  

It was all fake news.

The entire Casey Anthony murder trial was a fake news sham to cover up something MUCH WORSE.

The truth about Caylee's murder is an atrocity agaisnt a child of biblical proportions.

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