GFPD chief Mark Neslon covering up premeditated attempted murder?

Grand Forks Herald 'cover story' the ‘cover story’?

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 4, 2016, 9:52 P.M. CST

Is Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson covering up an attempted premediated murder?

Evidence is piling up against him.

Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson was featured on the cover of the Grand Forks Herald today where he discussed 'body cams'.

Here's what's going on.

The GFPD and University of North Dakota have been colluding to cover up the truth about a police shooting that happened in Grand Forks on February 28, 2015 when UND police officer Jerad Braaten shot David James Elliott multiple times in the head in the parking lot of Altru hospital.

Braaten told the ND BCI he fired on Elliott because he believed GFPD Sgt. Mark Ellingson had been struck or was being dragged by Elliott's pick-up truck. .

That whole cock-a-meenie story is falling apart.

Emerging evidence from sources, including a person claiming to David Elliott himself, say Braaten attempted to shoot Elliott minutes before while they were atop the Columbia Road bridge. Sources tell Write Into Action that body-cam and dash-cam video shows Elliott had stopped his vehicle and put both his hands out the window - but Braaten tried to shoot him anyway - but his gun jammed.

According to a person identifying himself as David Elliott, Braaten attempted to lie about the incident atop the bridge until a cartrdige was found from that location that had his fingerprints on it.

If that's true - the shooting in the parking lot was an attempted murder because Braaten was trying to kill Elliott (possibly connected to the thouands of pills found in Elliott's vehicle).

Cam footage cam from atop the Columbia bridge was blacked out by the GFPD and replaced with the word 'REDACTED'. One officers body cam appears to be covered by his coat during critical times. Another officers dash-cam, which captures the shooting in the distance, was changed from color to black and white to obfuscate the details. See screenshots I prepared at --- Did somebody alter police cam video from shooting of unarmed man in Grand Forks, North Dakota?
by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 14, 2016, 9:16 A.M. CST

Braaten's video simply dissapeared.

The reason Chief Nelson suddenly felt compelled to discuss 'body cams' with the local media is not because he wanted or desired to do that. He had to do it so he could casually mention that body cams sometimes break.

Why would Nelson be talking about body cams breaking?

Here's why ...


View the following You Tube clip to see Nelson attempt to be nonchalant about body cams breaking sometimes.


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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 3, 2016, 10:38 P.M. CST

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