Did somebody alter police cam video from shooting of unarmed man in Grand Forks, North Dakota?

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 14, 2016, 9:16 A.M. CST

Did somebody alter the dash cam video captured of a police shooting in Grand Forks, North Dakota?

Here's the question.

Why does the dash-cam video from the vehicle of GFPD Officer Dan Harvala change from color to black and white?

Write Into Action's investigation into the police shooting of David James Elliott and transnational drug trafficking that involves corrupt law enforcement officers continues to run into road blocks; road blocks that appear to be put up by the GFPD.

Write Into Action has acquired the same video provided to WDAZ by the GFPD of the pursuit and shooting of David James Elliott in February, 2015.

The dash-cam video obtained thus far comes from the vehicles of GFPD Officers Dan Harvala, Christopher Brown, and Wes Vert.

The Brown and Vert videos are in color and the Vehicle ID information is present. However, there are anomalies found in the videos from Harvala’s vehicle.

There are two dash-cam videos from Harvala's vehicle because he is the initial officer to engage David James Elliott on the night in question. After the initial pursuit of Elliot was terminated Harvala was involved in a second pursuit – thus two separate videos.

The video of Harvala’s first pursuit is in color. However, the second video is in black and white. The difference between ‘color’ and ‘black and white’ dramatically affects the viewer’s ability to see small details and ascertain what is happening in the moving images.

Officer Brown - Color   Officer Vert - Color   Officer Harvala - Color   Officer Harvala - B & W

The Harvala video in black and white captures a full view of the shooting but the downgraded quality affects small details.

The above image is a screenshot of dash-cam taken from the police car driven by GFPD Officer Dan Harvala. This is seconds before gun-shots ring out as David James Elliiott is shot six times. This is the only dash-cam video provided by police to the media that is in black and white. The other dash-cam video from Harvala's vehicle on the same night is in color.

Also – while the Brown and Vert videos identify the ‘Vehicle ID’ in the dash-cam information; neither Harvala video contains that information.

Serious questions surround Harvala. READ

Write Into Action contacted the GFPD for comment but no response was received before publication.


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