Message to Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson from Timothy Charles Holmseth:

Chief Nelson: Say Uncle

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 5, 2016, 12:21 P.M. CST

" none of what you hear...and less of what you see...this is what will be..."
B. Springsteen / Magic


Write Into Action is going to show you how a single police body-cam file obtained through a public records request proves Chief Mark Nelson and the Grand Forks Police Department altered the file to cover-up the shooting of an unarmed man in Grand Forks.

Chief Nelson and the gang need to admit what they did because it is a felony in the state of North Dakota for a public official to alter a public record.

The BODY-CAM file begins at 12:27 A.M. CST (06:27 GMT), February 28, 2015, and shows David James Elliott atop the Columbia Road Bridge in his pick-up truck talking to police officers through the window.

The video then goes black.

At 12:33 in the BODY-CAM video you can hear the dispatcher on the radio say “627 is on his way”. That same phrase (627 is on the way) by the dispatcher is also captured on DASH-CAM video - but is heard at 12:46 A.M.

The phrase by the dispatcher (627 is on the way) is critical because it establishes a timeline contained in the one single BODY-CAM file and locks the GFPD Keeper of Records into a time-window and timeline of events all contained in the one BODY-CAM file; thus eliminating the ability of the GFPD Keeper of Records to claim the time-stamp on the BODY-CAM was simply set wrong or incorrect.

At 12:35 A.M. on the BODY-CAM, shots can be heard ringing out and an officer says “shots fired – shots fired”.


At 12:47 on the DASH-CAM you can hear gunshots and an officer say “shot’s fired – shit’s fired”.

The BODY-CAM and DASH-CAM do not match.


Watch this...

If one accepts the BODY-CAM video as legitimate, it means David James Elliott was shot eight minutes after he is physically seen in his pick up at 12:27 A.M. on the bridge talking to the officers.


Oh-oh – we have a HUGE problem folks…

In officer DASH-CAM that begins at 12:32 A.M. police cars are seen pursuing David Elliott eastbound on Gateway Drive. The pursuit then turns south onto Columbia Road and heads toward the University of North Dakota campus when an officer is heard saying “were southbound just passing University Avenue”.

University Avenue must be crossed before even arriving at the Columbia Road Bridge.


How does officer body-cam show David Elliott sitting atop the Columbia Road Bridge at 12:27 A.M. when they have not even arrived at the bridge as of 12:35 A.M.?

Moreover, how can we hear “shots fired – shot’s fired” at 12:35 A.M. on BODY-CAM, if we’re watching the police on DASH-CAM pursuing David Elliott at 12:35 A.M.


I'll show you...

How can David Elliott be on top of the Columbia Road Bridge at 12:27 A.M. if the pursuit has not even reached that location yet?

I'll show you what I mean.

See the next photo - they are only beginning to head in that general direction and it's already 12:32 A.M. .

In the next photo the pursuit is on Columbia Road heading south - they still have not reached the bridge and its 12:35 A.M.

Let's look one more time where the BODY-CAM places David Elliott at 12:27 A.M.

Ordered police 'hits' and multi-agency cover-ups make Grand Forks and East Grand Forks a very unsafe and creepy place to be.

The public is invited to contact Matt Henson and Stacie Van Dyke at WDAZ-TV and asked them why WDAZ purposely tricked viewers into believing something that wasn't true.

Matt Henson - Anchor/Reporter/Producer - 701.775.2511 email Matt Henson at

Stacie Van Dyke - Anchor/Producer - 701.775.2511 email Stacie Van Dyke at

You can check out the little stunt they pulled at North Dakota TV station WDAZ caught participating in on-air hoax of police shooting

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