DOCUMENT: University of North Dakota covered up the truth about cop that shot unarmed man

Document shows Grand Forks County States Attorney and ND BCI involved in cover up

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 21, 2016, 10:47 P.M. CST

The University of North Dakota (UND) campus cop that shot an unarmed man in a hospital parking lot prevented video of the shooting from being captured and/or seen.

And - he was (quietly) disciplined for it in writing.

But - the public never knew about it.

Then - he went on to be hired by the Grand Forks Police Department (GFPD).

Ed Schafer

Jerad Ryan Braaten shot David James Elliott, an unarmed man, in a Grand Forks hospital parking lot on February 28, 2015.

Braaten was disciplined in writing on April 30, 2015 for “failure to adhere to UND policy 446 entitled Mobile Audio Video.”

Write Into Action’s review of the ND BCI investigation into the officer involved shooting reveals Braaten also failed to properly set up his body-cam.

Write Into Action was provided a copy of the UND letter of discipline against Braaten today, after confronting UND Police Chief Eric Plummer, Interim UND President Ed Schafer, and incoming UND President Mark Kennedy about campus safety and drug trafficking.

The disciplinary action taken against Braaten was never publicized by the Grand Forks Herald, Valley News Live, FOX, or any other media.

The media failure to report this fact is very relevant to public safety.

The revelation of the disciplinary action would have revealed to the public that North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s BCI, UNDPD, and the Grand Forks County States Attorney office, did not see all video of the shooting because the shooter himself made sure it was not seen.


On March 26, 2015, Grand Forks County States Attorney David Jones determined Braaten was justified in shooting Elliott.

Jones’ actions show he is irresponsible and dangerous.

There is no possible way Jones could reasonably make a determination that the shooting was justified; knowing the shooter tampered with evidence.

Not only was Braaten’s video unavailable; other video of the police shooting was also tampered with.

Write Into Action obtained dash-cam video captured on the night of the shooting and discovered one video had been deliberately converted to black and white, which obfuscates details of the actual shooting.

The GFPD said they don’t why the one video is black and white although all the others are in color.

It only get’s worse, folks.

On February 6, 2016 the Herald reported the GFPD hired Braaten. Insult upon injury is the fact Braaten was hired to the exception of any other aspiring police officers that applied – slap in the face to them all.

Then - UND and GFPD did this…

On June 20, 2016 the Grand Forks Herald, working in tandem with UND, published an article featuring the disciplinary action of a UND officer that recently left his squad car un-secured, which allowed it to be stolen.

The Herald published part of the letter that said, “Law enforcement officers are held to a higher standard by our community members and your violation of policy negatively reflects on fellow officers and the Department.”

Write Into Action is presently investigating new information in the mysterious death of Caitlin Jenna Erickson; Erickson’s death was occurring at the same time the police were trying to kill Elliott. 

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