Epic cover up: Dash-cam evidence contradicts Grand Forks County States Attorney's version of police pursuit and shooting

Multi-agency conspiracy to protect transnational drug trafficking operation through North Dakota and Minnesota


There'll be the breaking of the ancient western code
Your private life will suddenly explode
There'll be phantoms, there'll be fires on the road
and the white man dancing
You'll see a woman hanging upside down
Her features covered by her fallen gown
and all the lousy little poets coming round
tryin' to sound like Charlie Manson

and the white man dancin'

     - L. Cohen / The Future

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 12, 2016, 11:47 A.M. CST

The apocalyptic specter of lawless road warrior pirates ruthlessly pursuing and murdering citizens out on the open road is no longer a futuristic nightmare from a Leonard Cohen song - it has turned to a reality in North Dakota. 

Public officials and law enforcement officers are collectively lying about facts and circumstnaces surrounding a police shooting of an unarmed man and State investigators assigned to investigate the shooting have clearly been instructed to cover it up by North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem.

Write Into Action’s investigation into the February, 2015 shooting of David James Elliott has uncovered new photographic evidence that shows Elliott was not being legally disobedient – but was running for his life.

Police dash and body-cam video shows law enforcement did, in fact, attempt to harm or kill Elliott somewhere out in the darkness of the North Dakota highways – and then lied about it.

The new evidence begins to explain why Elliott suddenly fled police and then telephoned 911 for help – a 911 call that would last 107 minutes until the moment he was shot six times – three times in the head. The new evidence sheds light on the larger situation that involved thousands of pills that were found by BCI agents in Elliott's vehicle after the shooting; felony possession of drugs that nobody was ever charged with.

Available video shows officers repeatedly assure Elliott that nobody is going to hurt him and he needs to stop his vehicle. The assurance by police that nobody is going to harm him is compelling, because although nearly every word Elliott says is redacted by the GFPD - official investigative records show Elliott repeatedly spoke of the police 'shooting him'.

Note: Write Into Action is still pursuing the 911 records and has been told they will cost $500.00

Write Into Action has discovered new evidence that Elliott was likely involved in drug trafficking with law enforcement officers and had cause to believe he was going to be killed.


According to the official story, UND police officer Jerad Braaten shot Elliott six times in the Altru Hospital parking lot – moments after Elliott accelerated (on four flat tires) and bumped into a Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office Expedition - head on.

Write Into Action has discovered photographic PROOF that Elliott’s vehicle was seriously damaged at some point during the bizarre two hour pursuit across multiple counties by North Dakota deputies and state troopers that admit they did not activate their red lights (which activates the dash-cam).

Deputies and troopers claimed they did not activate their red lights because they were only “following” Elliott during that time.

However - if the law enforcement officers 'following' Elliott did not activate their red lights, they certainly would have no justification in ramming his vehicle or attempting a PIT manuever.

But something happened to cause damage to Elliott's truck during the pursuit.

The problem with the damage to Elliott’s pick-up truck is - only one collision was reported during the entire pursuit; and that allegedly occurred at the very end and prompted the shooting.

Photographic evidence from officer dash-cam video shows Elliott’s pick-up truck has two working tail lights at the beginning of the pursuit, which began a few minutes before 11 P.M. on February, 27, 2015. However - by the end of the pursuit - his right tail light is missing and wires are dangling out.

This dash-cam video is from the police car of GFPD officer Dan Harvala at the very beginning of the David James Elliott pursuit. You will observe both of the tail lights on Elliott's Silverado are functioning.
This dash-cam video is from the police car of GFPD officer Wes Vert at the very end of the David James Elliott pursuit. You will observe one of the tail lights on Elliott's Silverado is smashed out and wires are dangling. Other angles show what appears to be a dent in his passnger side rear quarter panel.

Grand Forks States Attorney David Jones composed a letter to UND police Chief Eric Plummer summarizing the pursuit and shooting. In the letter, Jones said, Elliott refused to stop and “accelerated his vehicle toward Grand Forks Police and Sheriff’s Officer vehicles nearly striking two vehicles and leaving that scene at a high rate of speed.”

There were no mention of any other collisions other than the one police claim occurred at the very end.

Photographic evidence shows the GFSO Expedition driven by Deputy Andy Schneider has damage on the front right corner panel. According to the official version, the damage seen on Schneider’s vehicle was caused by Elliott at the very end of the pursuit only moments before the shooting.

This is a photograph of the SUV allegedly damaged by David James Elliott bumping into it with his Silverado.


This is a photograph of David James Elliott's Silverado.


At that time, Elliott "accelerated rapidly," hitting a Grand Forks County Sheriff deputy's squad car head on, Weigel said. It was then that the unnamed UND police officer fired his weapon into the pickup, hitting Elliott, Weigel said.
     - Grand Forks Herald / March 3, 2015 

Rost said Elliott's pickup struck the right front end of the Expedition and would have hit the Expedition head-on had the deputy not tried to back his vehicle up.
     - Grand Forks Herald / March 5, 2015

Write Into Action prepared a frame by frame timed synopsis of what occurred moments before Elliott was shot.

At approximately 12:47:07 in the dash cam videos, you can see Elliott come to complete stop in the hospital parking lot in front of the Emergency Room, which appears to have been his desired destination. His tires had all been flattened by spike strips.

An officer can be seen running toward Elliott's vehicle and he again proceeds forward at 12:47:11 (four seconds later).

At 12:47:21 the sound of shots being fired are heard (ten seconds after he proceeds forward)  

At 12:46:25 an officer is heard saying, “shots fired, shots fired.”

No collission is seen in the video released by police, nor is the actual shooting.

The shooter, Jared Braaten, told BCI investigators he forgot to install his memory card into the dash-cam on the night he shot Elliott. He also said his body-cam didn’t pick up anything because he wasn’t wearing his regular uniform and it didn’t fit right. 


Write Into Action is investigating the involvement of drug task force agents and a mafia type operation comprised of public officials, court officers, law enforcement, and military personnell that worship 'Lucifer the light bearer'.

Write Into Action is investigating the involvement of the Grand Forks Narcotics Task Force and Minnesota Pine to Prairie Task Force in serious crimes including murder.



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