East Grand Forks city manager confronted with proof of evidence tampering at police department

Evidence comes in response to statements made by David Murphy to Bismarck Tribune touting police integrity

EGF City Manager David Murphy

By Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 19, 2018 at 10:46 P.M. CST

From: Timothy Charles Holmseth [mailto:tholmseth@wiktel.com] 
Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2018 10:38 PM
To: 'David Murphy'
Cc: 'eallen@gfherald.com'
Subject: Forum Communications 
Timothy Charles Holmseth
East Grand Forks, MN

In Re: Bismarck Tribune Statements

August 19, 2018

David Murphy
City Administrator
East Grand Forks, MN

Mr. Murphy,

You spoke with reporter Emily Allen with Forum Communications and she reported the following in the Bismarck Tribune.  “Mr. Holmseth, in my opinion, wastes a lot of the city’s time and energy in sending in Freedom of Information requests and calls,” Murphy said, adding Holmseth uses a lot of the city’s records to support “baseless accusations” against city officials and police. "Quite frankly, I find it disgusting because these are hard-working state officers,” Murphy said. “To have someone baselessly accusing them of being child sex traffickers is sick.”

You believe I am wasting time with FOIA requests?

Attached is two jpgs of police reports I obtained from the EGFPD at different times. One report contains five lines that stated there was a recording conatined on a .wav file of a telephone call made to the East Grand Forks police about me by someone from Florida (whose name I redacted) - it stated the recording was given to Lt. Hajicek. The other jpg shows the exact same police report but those five critical lines are missing - the information about the recording and Lt. Hajicek have been removed - Chief Hedlund advises the recording was destroyed.

I have many more examples such as this that shows evidence tampering at the EGFPD and targeting of Timothy Holmseth but one sample will suffice for this letter.

Would like to explain to the American public why you tried to trick the public into believing 'there is nothing to see here'?

Did you intentionally lie to the Forum Communications reporter? Have you been deceiving the City Council? Does the Mayor know of your deceptive practices?

Timothy Charles Holmseth

Attached: 2 jpgs of conflicting police report


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