JACOB WETTERLING: Eyewitness evidence to Jerry Wetterling's presence at Halloween sacrifice of Jacob was given to FBI agent - large granite wall that moves hidden at St. John's University - trafficking dungeon identified?

Slain Child Jacob Wetterling

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 16, 2018 at 10:51 A.M. CST

Has the location of a child trafficking dungeon been located within the walls of St. John's University in Minnesota?

It appears Minnesota's deepest and darkest secrets are coming out.

The FBI was given a recording of a man who was captured on tape saying he eye-witnessed Jacob Wetterling be sacrificed on Halloween 1989.

The recording was given to FBI agent Dan Lund by bail bondsmen Diane Muehlbauer. The recording features a man placing himself at the scene of Jacob's sacrifice along with Jerry Wetterling and several others.

"Well you know Diane, I have to turn in my reports - you don't" Muehlbauer said, recounting the moment she played the tape to Agent Lund.

"You can worship anybody you want," Muehlbauer said, explaining how Lund dismissed the subject by making it a freedom of religion issue.

Muehlbauer, who independently investigated the Wetterling kidnapping with St. Cloud PI Larry Peart, is well known for capturing a pedophile named Michael Bahner on tape, admitting that he and his brother Richard Bahner, kidnapped Jacob with a man named Lou Kohls.

Muehlbauer said Agent Lund talked to her about Kohls, who had been molesting his own granddaughter. "I think [child's name] saw a snuff film," Muehlbauer said, recalling what Lund told her.

Muehlbauer said that on one occasion at the Del-Win Ballroom in St. Joseph she was talking to a drunk priest. "They have a big granite wall that opens that nobody knows about at St. John's," Muehlbauer said, recalling what the priest told her.

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