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By Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 5, 2018 at 10:26 P.M. CST

I was contacted by Out of the Gate for comment regarding a situation between Fiona Barnett and Russ Dizdar.

I have been following Fiona for awhile so I was interested.

I became briefly acquainted with Dizdar during a rather contentious email exchange I had with L.A. Marzulli, which eventually included emails with Dizdar, who is an associate of Marzulli. I originally contacted Marzulli regarding his cozy relationship with Rev. Richard Grund.

Grund is most well known for his involvement in the Casey Anthony murder trial and operates a demon fighting business called Supernatural Response Team.

Dizdar has produced radio programs with Grund, as has Marzulli.  

I interviewed Grund in 2009 regarding his involvement in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping case. Grund told me he was a (former) Satanist and once had a face to face encounter with a ‘fallen watcher’.

During interviews he talked about two year-old Caylee Anthony and told me that she flirted with men and owned three pair of sunglasses. He told me she was a small version of her mother, Casey Anthony, who acted like a whore.

Then - Grund said something astonishing.

He told me that Casey Anthony was not Casey anymore – he told me her body was taken over by a Babylonian god named Moloch, which, he said, demanded the sacrifice of babies. .


Grund believed Caylee was becoming Casey - he believed Casey was actually Moloch - and Moloch demanded the sacrifice of babies.


Take a look at something Grund’s colleague, Wayanne Kruger, told me during an interview. She said, I hope Grund didn’t kill HaLeigh Cummings in “another one of his frickin exorcisms.”

Do you still think Casey Anthony killed little Caylee?

Think again.

The following is snippet from my email to Marzulli.

In addition to the information I already gave you regarding Grund, I have information that’s never been heard.

I have evidence from inside Richard Grund’s inner circle that he was involved with the production of Caylee Anthony “Voodoo Dolls” that were being sold on E-Bay. I also have evidence that members of Grund’s Supernatural Response Team (actually a satanic cult) put out a story in the media that Roy Kronk (the man that pointed police to the area Caylee’s body was located) used to tie his wife up with duct tape in bed (Caylee’s mouth had duct tape on it).

Richard Grund and his cult members were assisting him in covering up for his involvement in Caylee’s murder. He was actively attempting to implicate others. He went so far in his criminal activities that he used Cobra the Bounty Hunter and commissioned the kidnapping of a second child (HaLeigh Cummings).

I recently submitted drop-dead PROOF to the FBI, FDLE, and U.S. Court that child rape pornography of HaLeigh Cummings was taken. The names of the individuals that possessed and distributed the child porn, are individuals I also have on tape discussing their relationship with Grund, and their plans to make a movie with him. They were all associates and business partners having conference calls, setting up funding, fraudulent online frauds, etc. I have it all in audio and email documentation.

To understand the magnitude of what I have in my possession – their Mob boy called and threatened to murder me again in February, 2015 (it’s in the police records of East Grand Forks, MN and Grand Forks, ND because be called twice).

     - Timothy Charles Holmseth to L.A. Marzulli / 2015

Tonight I read an article by Fiona Barnett entitled Russ Dizdar is Another Michael Aquino Butt Boy.

In the article Barnett said, “In fact I was contacted years ago by victims who sought counseling from Russ Dizdar, and they told me that he abused them, and that he is actually a perpetrator of mind control. I have also heard from the spouse of a deliverance minister who worked with Dizdar that he is a fake.”

I cannot comment on Barnett’s assessment of Dizdar because I don’t know him.


I told Dizdar what I knew about Grund and he was rather defensive. “To claim anyone is a Satanist is a big issue, it must have clear evidence and if not the slander is of satan (satan is the slanderer of Gods people Rev/12),” Dizdar said.

It does not escape me that Dizdar and Grund seem to be in the same type of ‘ministry’.

I for one believe Fiona Barnett is a real good read.

For more information about about my work on Caylee Anthony case you can read my eBook Babylonian Funeral: The Satanic Ritual Sacrifice of Caylee Anthony

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