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The Fake Photo

The Fake Search

The Undercover Pervert

The Secret House

The Baby

April 26, 2009 Sighting

A Murder

The 2:13 a.m. Call




February 2 , 2014

Minnesota journalist being systematically monitored by human traffickers?

HaLeigh Cummings book author seriously threatened within hours of starting research on black market baby sales in Gainesville, Florida



January 25 , 2014


Casey Anthony + Scott Rothstein = HaLeigh Cummings

Biofuel investment seized during Scott Rothstein RICO prosecution links Casey Anthony murder indictment to HaLeigh Cummings disappearance





January 19 , 2014

International human trafficking ring planned wide-spread kidnappings

On the set of the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping




January 9 , 2014

Two forensic psychologists hold clues in Florida missing person case





January 8 , 2014

HaLeigh Cummings found?




December 3, 2012

Adult skeletal remains found in Satsuma, Florida

   Minnesota author made report to Putnam Sheriff in February that witness described a murder that occurred in front of HaLeigh Cummings shortly before she vanished

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Missing Child HaLeigh Cummings


November 6, 2013

Former police officer speaks out about "red flags" in missing child case   

Polk County Sheriff’s Office remains tight-lipped

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Mary Lee


September 25, 2013

Billboard testifies search for HaLeigh Cummings continues


June 11 , 2013

The Levi Page Show comes to an end


June 9 , 2013

Listen to threats and harrassment of author

"Timothy Holmseth - you need to stop saying HaLeigh is alive or you're going to be in trouble" - anonymous caller


June 8 , 2013

Blogger Levi Page warns HaLeigh's grandmother he knows location of "her bones"


June 7 , 2013

EXPOSED! Wayanne Kruger exposes Kidnapping Inc.

“…thirty kids that I know of…” – Wayanne Kruger


June 2 , 2013

EXPOSED! Babies for sale in Florida! Crystal Sheffield's advocate Wayanne Kruger talks about human trafficking


May 30, 2013

BREAKING! Misty Croslin to appeal?

Calls for 'Cobra the Bounty Hunter' to explain his whereabouts


May 27, 2013

EXCLUSIVE! Secret rental car revealed to FBI


May 25, 2013

Misty Croslin scared silent?


May 25, 2013

Team Cobra impersonating law enforcement?


May 25, 2013

Drugs, misogyny, racism, laughing the detective is "too slow" to find HaLeigh

Five and a half minutes with Team Cobra


May 24, 2013

Where was 'Cobra the Bounty Hunter' the night HaLeigh Cummings vanished?


May 18, 2013

Owner of suspicious x-rated website to be identified?


May 18, 2013

Handwriting of a`third person recognized on lease of secret HaLeigh house


May 14, 2013

HaLeigh case bounty hunter writes for x-rated website


May 13, 2013

Source: Anonymous owner of once worked for HaLeigh Cummings' mother


May 11, 2013

HaLeigh Cummings kept in "underground house"


May 8, 2013

FBI Twitter HaLeigh Cummings

FBI requesting tips for HaLeigh Cummings

May 7, 2013

'Miracle in Cleveland' fuels outrage against Underground website Radionewz


April 30, 2013

Public saftey at risk as Radionewz messages sex traffickers


April 30, 2013

ALERT! Radionewz blog used Web to alert alleged participants of sex trafficking ring


April 30, 2013

EXCLUSIVE! Did the anonymous owner of kidnap HaLeigh Cummings?


April 28, 2013

Seized property returned to author


April 25, 2013

Florida law firm disagrees with Boyle


April 21, 2013

Florida law firm to pursue website


April 17, 2013

Amber Alert pimp


April 11, 2013

CNN - Everything is funny until you exploit a child


April 9, 2013

Florida family under attack amidst federal probe of HaLeigh Cummings case


April 2, 2013

A peek behind the curtain

Understand HaLeigh Cummings to Understand Sandy Hook READ

March 30, 2013

Lights, camera, felony!

Does a violent video commissioned by Crystal Sheffield provide clues to the truth about HaLeigh Cummings? READ

March 28, 2013

Cyril Parish comments on lawsuit VIEW

Continental Heritage general agent favors criminal probe in Haleigh Cummings mystery

Parish said he believes new information exists and the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office should conduct a fresh criminal probe into the facts and circumstances surrounding the bond revocation and violent arrest of Daniel Snodgrass by Staubs in 2009.  READ

March 27, 2013

Lawsuit filed in Palm Beach County re-ignites HaLeigh Cummings case

The sensitive documents expose the multiple legal corporate entities (cor-plex), which had professionally assembled with Case Closed, Inc. and Lighting Strike Force, Inc., in 2009 to exploit the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings.


March 18, 2013, 2013

The February 21, 2013 Putnam County search explained READ

February 23, 2013

Putnam County Sheriff presents questions to Timothy Charles Holmseth about alleged murder READ Cyber-Stalker uses x-rated website to harass and threaten witnesses in HaLeigh Cummings case READ

February 21, 2013

Timothy Charles Holmseth writes letter to Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy READ

February 20, 2013

How HaLeigh's Amber Alert was re-instated READ
The Only Child In American History to Have Her Amber Alert Re-Instated READ   Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Compared to HaLeigh Cummings Dissapearnce READ


Suspicious Goblin Following Missing Children READ   Harassment of Author LISTEN

February 11, 2013

The hybrid

A case study of organized crime in the Age of Communications

As you will see further on in this piece, the Hybrid contains active players that go in disguise of perceived wealth, professional licenses, and college degrees.

And much like the Mob of the old days, they reach out to protect their racket. They will contact police officers, prosecuting attorneys, and court officials to gain an inside route for legal issues that are certain to come up. READ SERIES

January 27, 2013

HaLeigh's Law under attack

According to the website, a petition was promptly authored by Levi Page and submitted to the Obama Administration at The White House’s website, where they hope to receive 10,000 signatures. READ THE WHOLE STORY

January 26, 2013

HaLeigh's Law to be proposed

Timothy Charles Holmseth is seeking a law that will be legislated in the name of the missing child, HaLeigh Ann Marie Cummings.

HaLeigh Cummings, 5, was reported missing during the early morning hours of February 10, 2009. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement issued an Amber Alert for HaLeigh – she is classified as Missing and Endangered.

Holmseth has journalistcally worked the Haleigh Cummings case for nearly four years.

“HaLeigh’s Law”

 “HaLeigh’s Law” will apply regulations regarding the solicitation of monetary donations by family members, or agents of a family, soliciting money in the name or plight of a minor child, that had been under the family's care, and subsequently become a crime victim.

“HaLeigh’s Law” will make it a crime for a missing child's family, or an agent of the missing child's family, to create a profitable enterprise; that enterprise being based upon the plight of the missing child. The Law will apply to any child, mysteriously gone from public view, but not proven or declared dead; through a Death Certificate.

“HaLeigh’s Law” will create buffers and barriers and regulations that would interrupt and dissuade any person(s) that may contemplate staging a kidnapping, or faking the death of a child, or in any other way victimizating a child for the purpose of creating a donation scam.  


Shortly after HaLeigh Cummings mysteriously disappeared, donations from the public began to be sought through a variety of methods. The donations flooded in. The donation activities were an obscene violation of ethics and shocked the conscious of the average person. HaLeigh's name and image soon became merchandise that was being sold for profit.

A Photoshopped image of HaLeigh was created and published on the Web. The fake photo created the false appearance HaLeigh’s mother had posed lovingly with her. This fake photo was produced and published as an emotional event trigger to advance donations.

The truth of the matter was, HaLeigh’s mother was addicted to drugs; she did not have custody of HaLeigh; she had skipped over a dozen doctor appointments for HaLeigh, who suffers from Turner’s syndrome; did not know what time HaLeigh got out of school each day; and was about to face criminal charges for non-payment of child support.

Articles by HaLeigh’s mother’s ‘media consultant’, published a few moths after the child disappeared, announced that her child support obligation (well over $10,000) had been completely satisfied by outside donations. This all occurred while the mother was actively addicted to drugs and unemployed.

HaLeigh's mother's private investigator told Timothy Charles Holmseth the child had been taken during a 'rescue mission' to protect her from an un-safe living enviroment. Haleigh's mother's victim's advocate told Holmseth the child was being sexually abused and used in child pornography. The advocate feared the 'rescue mission' was hijacked from within by greedy charlatans and a pedophile priest that claimed he was working undercover for the FBI.

The need for HaLeigh’s Law continues to present itself, as our smallest crime victims and disappearing children continue to be exploited for online profit and donation schemes.

The Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut recently illuminated what appeared to be a rash of Websites exploiting the national profile case. In multiple instances, websites were created on dates that actually preceded the shooting itself.

The Sandy Hook event spawned Photoshopped images of a little girl found published on the Web. Emilie Parker, 6, appeared in images on the Web, and have been deemed by an expert to have been manipulated using an editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop. Emilie is reported to be among the dead of the reported school shooting, but no evidence of her death has ever been produced.

The Age of Communications and digitally advanced information-technology has created a brand new type of high-tech criminal. The World Wide Web has become the proverbial getaway vehicle for charlatans, hustlers, and con-artists that exploit the generous public in the name of children, that may or may not be crime victims.

Evidence shows the Amber Alert program can be be hijacked by clever charades; a school shooting can somehow be converted in to a profitable online endeavor, utilizing photograpic editing, despite no proof the child in the photograph is deceased.

Timothy Charles Holmseth conducted over a hundred hours of recorded interviews on the HaLeigh Cummings dissapearnce, and will articulate to law-makers how the online operations were described to him, and how a small group of personnell (trolls) are used to nurture public interest for maximum revenue.