Any "blue truck" in Jacob Wetterling abduction case files blows official story out of the water

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 7, 2017 at 12:00 A.M. CST

Do the Jacob Wetterling case files contain information involving a blue utility truck?

The answer to that question is important beyond any possible calculation.

It MUST be answered.

David Shurter, author of Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor's Story says he telephoned the Jacob Wetterling Foundation and told a woman that he believed his father Robert Lynn Shurter Jr. murdered Jacob.


“When I was having the conversation with the woman who was in the Jacob Wetterling Foundation I said ‘don’t tell me let me guess’ – Jacob Wetterling was abducted by a man that was driving a big blue utility truck. And she got really quiet on the phone and then told me that that was right – and then asked me how I would know that because it was never released to the public. But of course I knew it - it was my dad’s Northern Propane gas truck,” David Shurter said this week.

If that’s true – the recent solving of the Jacob Wetterling case is a cover-up of incalculable proportions because the only vehicle mentioned in Danny Heinrich's confession is his Mercury Topaz.

David Shurter says his family abducted and murdered children.

David Shurter says a man came to their home when he was young, looking for his missing daughter. He said his mother spiked the man’s lemonade and they drug him into the basement. David Shurter said he was forced to light the man on fire in the basement of their home.

David Shurter says he was forced to have sex with a dead body.

This is not a game.

If there is any information in the Jacob Wetterling case files regarding a blue truck, all bets are off.

On July 3, 2017, I, Timothy Holmseth, received the following message that appears to mention Danny Heinrich and my “little area of the world” which is Minnesota (the state where Jacob lived). It also appears to cryptically refer to David Shurter by mentioning the name of his book “Rabbit Hole”.  

The Firm commented on an article I published called Pedophile’s gone wild!

U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel providing pedo-support for CNN group as multiple judicial communities run around like …

Mr. Holmseth:
We haven't forgotten about you though you refuse to acknowledge us or give us what we've requested.
This goes far beyond your little area of the world and Danny is one of the many. So so many, you'll never know.
We have our hands in all the proverbial pots. You above all should know this by now. Do you really think the things that have been happening to you, the things you don't talk about in public, are coincidental? There is no such thing as coincidence, Mr. Holmseth. No such thing.
The rabbit hole you're going down, Mr. Holmseth does lead to a magical tea party but you could lose your head if you continue to chase the rabbit.
Answer the phone when it rings, trust me.


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