Stearns County Sheriff and FBI are lying about the Jacob Wetterling investigation

Danny Heinrich 2.0 trial in Minnesota and North Dakota

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 13, 2017 at 8:39 A.M. CST

The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office and FBI always knew Danny Heinrich was involved in the Jacob Wetterling kidnapping and/or murder.

Don’t ever kid yourself.

State and federal law enforcement have been covering up pedophile rings for decades. The reason law enforcement did not move in on Heinrich was because Heinrich had value to their secret society – he was one of them – a sick demonic pervert.

Sick little freaks like Heinrich can be very valuable to corrupt law enforcement because they can be easily coerced into doing illegal things that need to be done. Law enforcement has the power of prosecution and can extort people like Heinrich.

The Stearns County pervs were no more trying to solve the Jacob Wetterling murder than Hillary Clinton had an 85 percent chance of winning the 2016 election as reported by fake news on Election Day. Just like fake news tried to fool the public about the election – Stearns County and federal police simply needed to create the appearance they were investigating – it’s all an act.

The abrupt confession and recovery of Jacob’s body is just one more kidnapping case that was covered up in our country by pedophiles within our government.


There is presently a man facing trial in both Minnesota and North Dakota that gives any doubters an opportunity to juxtapose Danny Heinrich and his Teflon nature with law enforcement, to another similar case.

It is the child rape case of George Robert Lyons.

George Lyons’ brother, Matthew Lyons, is serving life in prison for sexual atrocities he committed upon a child for years.

But George Lyons got a free pass his whole life – just like Heinrich.

George Lyons is a dangerous pedophile (and convicted drug trafficker) that was sexually assaulting and creating child pornography of children for years, but he would never be charged – not even after the kids reported him to the police.

On December 23, 2015, the East Grand Forks Police Department finally filed rape charges against Lyons. They didn’t want to – they couldn’t get around it anymore. Lyons’ victims and crimes against children were simply too well-known by school officials, social workers, and an advocacy group.

Don’t applaud – the EGFPD and Polk County, Minnesota is run by perverted scumbags just like the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office in Jacob’s case and had been trying to cover it up.

Think about this fact…

On March 19, 2014 Minnesota judge Honorable Dennis J. Murphy issued a protection order that declared George Lyons had in fact sexually abused a minor child in a household. Yet, it took the police another couple years to finally charge him for it.

But records of the sex abuse went back even further.

An Affidavit from the North Dakota BCI shows George Lyons was reported for sexual assault of a child all the way back in 2009.

Jason McCarthy was the Grand Forks States Attorney in charge of the George Lyons case in North Dakota. He told the media he could not comment on a pending case. Then, he was given a judgeship and the George Lyons case went away (until June, 2017 when I began reporting on the pervs).

After George Lyons’ arrest for the Minnesota case, the State of North Dakota began actively hiding the court records regarding George Lyons (he was arrested in North Dakota on a warrant from Minnesota and then extradited back to Polk County).

I pursued the records, and at one point the Clerk of Courts office couldn’t explain why the records kept appearing, and then vanishing from the State website, so they gave me the telephone number of their IT guy and told me to call him.

There is a reason government and judicial officials are hiding these things.

For instance, I was contacted by a lawyer in Florida that needed the records regarding George Lyons’ Minnesota charges for use in a Florida case. I was able to provide the lawyer the records because I personally went in to the Clerk’s office an obtained them.

Get it?

Even a lawyer could not find the records without reaching out to an independent investigative journalist.

George Lyons has been all over the country doing this crap.

When George Lyons was released after his arrest, he promptly announced he was engaged to be married to Assistant Grand Forks State’s Attorney Jodi Bass. It was on his Facebook as well as a wedding registry on Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

You picking up what I’m laying down?

David Jones, the scum-bag Chief States Attorney in Grand Forks County has never even commented on George Lyon’s assertions of being engaged to a prosecutor.

Danny Heinrich and George Lyons are simply examples of monsters on a long leash that is held in the hand of shadow government police and prosecutors.  

Lyons is charged in both Minnesota and North Dakota and facing trial.

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