Jacob Wetterling could have been rescued!

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 2, 2018 at 6:52 CST

Jacob Wetterling could have survived his kidnapping ordeal if law enforcement in Minnesota had acted.

This startling revelation comes as two former FBI agents from the Jacob Wetterling investigation have told reporters at press conferences the Stearns County Sheriff's Office is misleading the public about facts.

The eleven year-old boy from St. Joseph, Minnesota was abducted at gunpoint by a masked man on October 22, 1989 while on a trek to the store on a rural road with his brother and friend.


Troves of facts support law enforcement in Minnesota planted animal bones in 2016, in what is now a rapidly deteriating media hoax, that was intended to create the appearance that a local pervert named Daniel Heinrich murdered Jacob the night he dissapeared and led police to his bones (which were determined to not be human).

And now - it appears Jacob could have been saved.

Recorded confession statements obtained by a local bail bondsman, Diane Muehlbauer, who independently investigated the case with St. Cloud private investigator Larry Peart, reveal Jacob was taken to the nearby apartment of Brenda Bahner after he was abducted by her brothers, Richard and Michael Bahner, and their friend Lou Kohls.


They took Jacob to Brenda Bahner's apartment in a sleeping bag, Muehlbauer said.

Brenda Bahner told Muehlbauer in a recorded conversation that law enforcement questioned her after Jacob's kidnapping. "It was somebody from Stearns County [Sheriff's Office]," Brenda Bahner said.

The following is a segment of the recorded telephone conversation. 


Brenda Bahner: They asked me if I saw Jacob

Diane Muehlbauer: What did you tell them?

Brenda Bahner: And - at that time I said 'no'. And you know this was - that was before all this started

Diane Muehlbauer: You were scared to tell them that you did see him?

Brenda Bahner: Yeah - but you know I've been remembering things [somewhat inaudible]  

Diane Muehlbauer: So you were just scared to tell them back then?

Brenda Bahner: Right.

Diane Muehlbauer: So then what happened? You remembered him over there and stuff?

Brenda Bahner: Yeah

Emerging evidence contained in lead sheets shows Jacob could have been saved if law enforcement would have pursued multiple leads they received about Richard Bahner in the very first days following the abduction.

The following lead was discovered buried in thousands of documents today by Muehlbauer while she was reviewing newly released documents.  

"The next lead sheet was dated 10-29-89, and reporting party is Bob Litzinger, St. Cloud. The suspect would be Richard Bahner. This particular lead sheet was terminated as this suspect had already been spoken to by Officer's Boecker's and Tremper on 10-26-89 from a different source," the report said.

"They could have saved Jacob because they knew where Jacob was," Muehlbauer said.

Evidence supports that.

Michael Bahner told Muehlbauer on tape he watched Lou Kohls drag Jacob to the car with a knife to his throat.

Ben Bina, who was near the abduction site on the night Jacob was kidnapped, said he saw the Bahner brothers coming out of the woods.

According to fellow prisoners, Richard Bahner told many people in prison he was involved in Jacob's kidnapping and torture.

Kohls told his wife that Jacob is dead and suggested he (some, or parts of him) was in Milltown, Wisconsin.

Muehlbauer said she was told that Kohls later burned his vehicle to get rid of the evidence.

There is ample reason to believe Jacob was kidnapped for a purpose and was kept alive until he was murdered on Halloween, 1989.  

Muehlbauer said she met a man named Vern Seitz at a motel where they met so she could play audio recordings of Michael Bahner's confession to him. According to Muehlbauer, Seitz said he had been sent by Jerry Wetterling to meet her. Seitz told Muehlbauer he was prepared to pay her whatever she wanted for the tapes.

In 2009, Vern Seitz was found dead in his home in Milwaukee, only days after he told his psychiatrist he wanted to confess to two murders. Law enforcement found child porn, pictures of missing children including Jacob Wetterling, map of St. Joseph, sex toys, art of child sacrifice, and books on cannibalism.

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