Sheriff's may have visited apartment where Jacob Wetterling was being held alive

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 18, 2017 at 8:23 A.M. CST

Law enforcement may have already suspected who kidnapped Jacob Wetterling shortly after his abduction in 1989.

According to a recorded statement by Brenda Bahner, law enforcement came to her apartment and asked about Jacob. “I know it was somebody from Stearns County,” Bahner said.


Brenda Bahner: They asked me if I saw Jacob

Investigator: What’d you tell them?

Brenda Bahner: At that time I said no

But the truth appears to be that Brenda Bahner did see Jacob - and he might have been there at that very moment.

Brenda Bahner is the sister of Michael and Richard Bahner who are connected to the Wetterlings. It’s a disturbing story that creates very serious questions about Jerry and Patty Wetterling.

Patty Wetterling was given recordings of a confession to her son Jacob’s kidnapping and murder, which was recorded with two law enforcement officers present.

According to a source inside the investigation, Wetterling was given three recordings by an associate of Peart and Associates, a private investigation firm out of Willmar, Minnesota.  

The recordings reveal Michael Bahner, Richard Bahner, and Lou Kohls were responsible for the physical abduction of Jacob.


  1. On October 22, 1989 Michael Bahner, Richard Bahner, and Lou Kohls parked their burgundy colored vehicle on what was called the “brush road” which sat along the road where Jacob was abducted.
  2. The men hid in the ditch.
  3. Jacob was abducted and taken to an apartment in a sleeping bag.
  4. Jacob was tortured.
  5. Jacob was cut up into little pieces and thrown into a river.

“I gave her (Patty Wetterling) three tapes years ago and never heard a word from her. I gave her the abduction tape- I gave her Brenda Bahner where she said she lied to the cops that night and they never came back – and I gave her Ben Bina the one that saw them in the ditch.”

Statements obtained suggest the Bahenr’s knew the Wetterlings.

“Ben Bina said he saw the Bahner’s four wheeling with Jacob a lot of times,” said an investigator.

Bina was reportedly harassed for years following the abduction because he saw the Bahner’s on the road that night and was aware of their personal connection to the Wetterlings.

“I called Patty and asked her why does your husband know a pedophile? And she goes I know Jerry doesn’t pick the best of friends,” an investigator said.

Patty Wetterling admitted in another publication to an association with a pedophile, but said she didn't know he was a pervert, and said that's why we need background checks.

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