Investigator: Jacob Wetterling was ritually sacrificed on Halloween 1989 – Jerry Wetterling was present

"Foundations of the republic are going to be shaken" - Attorney Mark Anfinson

By Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 10, 2018 at 8:42 A.M. CST

Jacob Wetterling was kidnapped on October 22, 1989 and kept alive for a week. He was ritually sacrificed on Halloween with his father Jerry Wetterling, along with multiple other adults present.

The FBI was given information from an investigator that includes a taped confession – which was described to me (Timothy Holmseth) by the investigator who recounts the voices on the tape. “It kind of goes like this; ‘did Jerry (Wetterling) actually sacrifice Jacob? He goes “there was three others up there with him. And then he says, ‘well what was the ritual? To give him what he needed. He goes what did they do? Just cut him? And the guy gets real scared and goes “I’d rather not talk about it”. But he talks about the baby sacrifices too that he saw”.

“The guy that took [kidnapped] him [Jacob] says he was held, I suppose to Halloween or whatever, and sacrificed, and taken to Wisconsin, and the identifying parts were buried. And that’s why I think that torso (found in Mississippi River) is him,” the investigator said.

“Well see the Boehner’s took him right to Brenda Boehner’s house in a sleeping bag drugged up. And Richard said he was tortured there for a couple of days and then he must have been passed on,” the investigator said.

“I believe the Boehner’s, Lou Kohls, well Vern Sikes said he was in the cult – he told me that,” the investigator said.

According to Mark Anfinson, the attorney for the Minnesota Newspaper Association, an attorney for the government asked the judge not release Wetterling case records because “Foundations of the republic are going to be shaken…”

Most recent report by Write Into Action can be heard on the video below.


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