Task Force detectives investigated cult activity involving Jerry Wetterling - - - Jacob buried alive near St. John's Chapel - sacrificed

Slain Child Jacob Wetterling

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 19, 2018 at 11:16 A.M. CST

On March 28, 2018 the Star-Tribune quoted media attorney Mark Anfinson saying, "When the federal government comes into a state district court and says the foundations of the republic are going to be shaken if you rule against us, it’s tough to ignore that. And the judge, understandably, is going to be deferential to a federal agency’s claim,” Anfinson said.

We might be one step closer to understanding what the government was hiding in the Wetterling case.

Investigators with the FBI, BCA, and Stearns County Sheriff pursued information regarding Jacob Wetterling being buried alive near St. John's Chapel and ritually sacrificed.

And - Jerry Wetterling was on their radar.

The information is found in reports which are contained in the recently released Jacob Wetterling file.

Reports leave no doubt detectives were investigating an odd relationship, and peculiar meetings that took place between Jerry Wetterling, and a man named Allen Gregory Kutzer, Albany, Minnesota.

On April 4, 1990 Detective Pearce and BCA Special Agent Denny Sigafoos met with Kutzer at his home in Albany. Kutzer confirmed he was a patient and friend of  Jerry Wetterling who he called "Doc".

Jerry Wetterling and Kutz were in significant communications during critical times before and after Jacob was kidnapped.

Kutzer told Pearce and Sigafoos he and Jerry Wetterling went out to eat "several times" before Jacob's abduction and "one time after".

Kutzer told Pearce and Sigafoos he went out to eat with Jerry Wetterling one week before Jacob was abducted.

Kutz said he went to the Wetterling residence two times after Jacob's kidnapping.

Reports show investigators were focusing on the Wetterling's religion. Agent Sigafoos asked Kutzer if Jerry Wetterling ever talked about the Baha'i religion.

The report describes Kutz's reaction to a question he was asked about the occult.


"Sigafoos asked Allen if he ever talked to Jerry Wetterling about the occult. Writer noticed Allen tapping his foot in what appeared to be a nervous reaction to SA Sigafoos question about the occult. Allen responded he did hear a rumor about the occult activity in an area from St. John's University to Alexandria. Allen commented he and Jerry never talked much about the occult. SA Sigafoos specifically asked Allen what does he think happed to Jacob, and does he think Jacob is alright. Writer then observed Allen's foot tapping the floor in what appeared to be a nervous reaction. Allen responded, "If you guys don't have anything now, you guys will probably never have anything right?" the report said.

The next day, April 5. 1990, Pearce and Sigafoos interviewed Patty Wetterling at the law enforcement center. Patty Wetterling provided the investigators a list of  Baha'i faith members "suggesting the task force check them out".

It is clear investigators are focusing on something odd.  Reports make specific mention of a couple from the Indian reservation and a clergyman from St. John's Parish.

The report notes that during the April 5 interview Jerry and Patty Wetterling "borrowed money to Bug Kingbird, who is an American Indian, currently living on possibly the White Earth Indian Reservation. Patty indicated she and Jerry gave money to the Kingbird's in the past. They gave a car to Beatrice (Kingbird)".

Patty Wetterling told investigators that on the Sunday before October 22, 1989 (the day Jacob was kidnapped) they had a marriage encounter reunion at the Wetterling residence and Jacob was home. Father Roger Klassen, 50, was present and belongs to St. John's Parish.

It appears the investigators were onto something.

The report notes that Detectives Pearce and Olson left the interview with Patty Wetterling, while FBI special agent Al Catallo and BCA special agent Sigafoos continued the interview. Pearce and Olson went to Albany, Minnesota to interview Jerry Wetterling at his clinic.

The report from the interview with Jerry Wetterling reads in part:

"Officers begin interviewing Jerry at approximately 1450 hours. Jerry was asked about Allen Kutzer. Jerry confirmed he did call in a lead to the Task Force on Allen Kutzer. The lead was in regards to occult activity and his possible relationship to Jacob Wetterling's abduction. On 11-18-89 Inv. Jacobs and Steinberg covered the lead refer to written report (page 2748).

Jerry stated Al Kutzer came to the Wetterling house the Wednesday after the abduction. Jerry termed Al's demeanor as being "disturbed". According to Jerry, Al told him to check the area by St. John's Chapel. Al indicated there is alot occult activity occurring between St. John's University and the Alexandria area. Al Kutzer then told Jerry Wetterling that he believes Jacob could possibly be buried alive in a shallow grave near the St. John's University grounds. Al Kutzer also reportedly told Jerry Wetterling that families in the occult at times take people, raise them so they believe in the system and eventually sacrifice them," the report said.

Write Into Action continues to investigate.

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