Former CNN/HLN personality named in court exhibit regarding online sexual abuse of FBI witnesses children

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 4, 2017, 5:40 P.M. CST

There has been a document dump regarding former HLN guest Levi H. Page that supports previous police reports and documents that show Page was involved in a conspiracy to intimidate FBI witness and author Timothy Charles Holmseth by threatening to write fictional sexual stories about Holmseth’s children.



Levi Page, 25, a webcaster from Tennessee that once appeared on the Jane Valez Mitchell Show on the HLN network has been investigated by Minnesota police and is now part of a court case involving child protection.

Page is accused of operating a website called and using it to publish sexual threats and videos against the minor children of a witness in the HaLeigh Cummings missing child investigation.


The recent release of a multitude of documents reveal Page was in FACT in regular contact with the owner of a website called that was publishing sexual stories about Holmseth’s minor children, and videos threatening Holmseth to remove his websites - just as Holmseth and his daughter reported to police.



William Murtaugh (Murt), owner,, also contacted Holmseth regarding his children and asked sex based questions at the request of an attorney from South Florida that was attempting to intimidate Holmseth.

Murtaugh and Page are associated with each other and directly connected and working with an attorney that was named by Attorney Gloria Allred's protoge, Wayanne Kruger, as being an operative in a baby-selling fake adoption scheme where infants and children are sold through rogue CIA and FBI agents for sex and child pornography.


Something is VERY WRONG with BOTH Page and Murtaugh.

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Subsequent investigations by Minnesota law enforcement revealed Levi Page is presently 25 years-old. “I contacted Austin Peay University and was able to obtain contact information for a Levi H Page DOB 07/19/1990,” reported Officer Corey Amundson, East Grand Forks Police Department.

Therefore, while Levi Page’s bio announced he was 34 years-old in 2010, he was actually only 20 years-old.

The combination of Levi Page’s bogus title of “criminal investigator” along with the fake age of 34 years, [published in his online bio], created the false appearance to the unwitting public that he was a former law enforcement officer turned television talk show host.

In Page’s short two years of adult life, he had gone from being a complete unknown with no professional resume or experience, to appearing on national television where he was giving his opinion on active missing child cases.

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The story of William Murtaugh is equally as alarming.

In 2008 Murtaugh caught the attention of TV news in Florida after he purchased an old news van and began following investigators around during their search for the body of Caylee Anthony. The news coverage actually called the behavior "creepy" and pointed out that Murtaugh once claimed to know who possessed the kidnapped child Trenton Duckett.


In October of 2017 somebody crawled under Holmseth's vehicle with a tool, possibly with the intent to cut the brake line. The person slashed Holmseth's tire. Telephone records obtained by Holmseth show Murtaugh telephoned the police in East Grand Forks, Minnesota and began telling the police they should arrest Holmseth because Holmseth must have slashed his own tire. In a prior incident, somebody broke into Holmseth's car with what appeared to be the intent of planting narcotics - but the light fixture brackets broke.


The new information regarding Page and others will be added to existing Motions and Affidavits submitted to the 9th Minnesota Judicial District Court in advance of a hearing scheduled for December 13, 2017 at 9 AM at the Polk County Justice Center in Crookston, Minnesota.

The Introductory statement of Timothy Holmseth's MOTION TO VACATE reads as follows:

PETITIONER brings this MOTION TO VACATE because NEW EVIDENCE that was not available at the time of trial shows adverse parties within Minnesota law enforcement and the larger interstate judicial community, criminally and civilly conspired with agents of a private corporation that received support from the U.S. Military to strategically create life-threatening conflict in the life of Parties’ minor child - - - - - Holmseth; conflict that would be used to justify court actions against Plaintiff’s constitutional rights for the illegal purpose of protecting a criminal enterprise of child sex trafficking and child pornography.

Audio proving Holmseth's claims was originally destroyed by EGFPD officer Aeisso Schrage  and/or other law enforcement after the Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force stormed Holmseth's home-office wearing bullet-proof vests and seized his computer, based upon claims made against Holmseth by the attorney fingered as a baby-broker by Allred's protege Kruger.

Holmseth recovered back-ups; located the interviews they tried to destroy; and the entire pedogate operation is being exposed.

April LaJune

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