Timothy Holmseth: EGF police chief LIED to Valley News about Malik Olsen case

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 22, 2018 at 2:22 P.M. CST

Michael Hedlund, the police chief for the City of East Grand Forks, is being dishonest with the public about its use of body-cams at his department.

On April 11, 2018 Valley News Live filed a report 'Why body cams will add clarity in East Grand Forks Police Department'.

The story features a controversial physical confrontation where police say Malik Olsen assaulted police - but the police have no body cam to back up their flimsy claims.


Soon, there will be another vantage point.

"Body cam, wherever the officer goes, essentially wherever they're turning their body, that camera is going to be focused on," East Grand Forks Police Chief Mike Hedlund said.

East Grand Forks Police said they were using body cameras around 6 years ago, but then law makers required each department to create detailed policy about when and how to use them. When the department realized they weren't in compliance with the law the cameras went on the shelf.

Until now.

"I really do think it's going to help us in a number of different ways," Hedlund said.
The department has recently outlined their body cam policy, had its required public comment period and this week received the new body camera equipment.


I, Timothy Charles Holmseth, visited the EGFPD to make a police report regarding one of the many crimes committed against me after becoming a witness to a kidnapping, child pornography, and sex trafficking operation.

I entered the police department and asked the dispatcher if I could make a police report. A few minutes later two officers emerged. One of the officers was wearing a body cam and recorded our entire conversation.

Hedlund's statements to Valley News are false and show the police department does in FACT use body cams but are eluding public records laws.

I, Timothy Holmseth, will make a sworn statement to Olsen's attorney upon request.

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