Mark Redwine the next Steven Avery via planted evidence?

La Plata County Sheriff’s Office investigator attached to group using online intimidation with pornography

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 17, 2016 at 12:37 P.M.

Is Mark Redwine the next Steven Avery?

Evidence in the investigation into the murder of Dylan Redwine is creating very serious questions about the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office (LCSA).

Mark Redwine

The LCSA is working with a former FBI agent associated with a media group that intimidates witnesses using pornography videos? 

The former fed working with the LCSA is Pete Klismet.

Pete Klismet (FBI retired)

In 2015, the LCSA began working with the former FBI profiler on the Dylan Redwine murder case.

Klismet told news reporters “I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and I have yet to get one wrong.” He told news stations in July, 2015, that he identified a person of interest.

One month later in August, 2015, the LCSA announced Dylan’s manner of death was “homicide” and named his father, Mark Redwine, as a person of interest. It was also reported new evidence had been found near where Dylan's remains were located. And - Klismet had been there.

However – the full body of evidence in the case is not pointing at Mark Redwine – it’s pointing at the LCSA, Klismet, and Redwine’s mother, Elaina Hall.

Evidence obtained by Write Into Action shows Klismet, who claims to be a expert criminal profiler, is in no way what he appears to be and the truth about him is extremely disturbing.

"I look at behavioral things," Klismet told Channel 7, Denver, in July, 2015.

However, two reasonable people could not disagree that Klismet poses a serious credibility problem to the LCSA.

On July 9, 2015, a Web radio host named Levi Page announced Klismet would be appearing on his program. The announcement appeared on a cyber-harassment website called The site is situated on an off-shore Web server and not subject to U.S. jurisdiction.

The website has been repeatedly reported to the FBI.

On July 15, 2015, Timothy Charles Holmseth provided Klismet a link to The link to the site showed Klismet how the purveyors of the website were intimidating a Florida man using pornography video.

Holmseth also provided Klismet with audio recordings of Levi Page during telephone calls initiated by Page. The recordings featured Page warning Holmseth he better “shut the fuck up” and stop saying another missing child, HaLeigh Cummings, is alive.  

Levi Page / Tina Church / Threats   Levi Page Threats / "this child is dead!"

Klismet wasn’t fazed.

In the most bizarre of statements, Klismet replied to Holmseth, “Not interested in anything to do with that and it doesn't influence me in any way about any thing.”

Evidence is beginning to show the Dylan Redwine murder investigation is an ongoing media stunt put on to mislead the public.

Lesson from the Steven Avery case are beginning to show the American public how innocent people are framed through an evil satanic organization.

Steven Avery


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