U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to receive MEMO regarding possible traitors following explosive Minnesota court ruling connected to Pedogate

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 18, 2017, 9:26 A.M. CST

Timothy Charles Holmseth is preparing a MEMO to the Office of the United States Attorney General with information regarding potential traitors to the United States of America presently situated within the inner circle of President Donald J. Trump. 10 days

U.S. AG Jeff Sessions

The action is the next step following following a court ruling in Minnesota regarding evidence of CIA/FBI child sex trafficking, which Holmseth aquired as a journalist.

Holmseth will be providing U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions information and evidence pertaining to CIA/FBI/U.S. Military involvement and complicity in international child sex trafficking and as it pertains to many states including State of Florida, State of Indiana, State of Minnesota, and State of Colorado.

Holmseth has critical information regarding the FBI, CIA, and Trump Transition Team member Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. Concerns regarding Vice President Mike Pence will also be addressed.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence

On July 27, 2017 Timothy Charles Holmseth filed a MOTION TO VACATE in the 9th Minnesota District Court regarding prior court orders that placed restrictions on his First Amendment after he uncovered explosive information about a CIA/FBI child sex trafficking operation.

Holmseth began acquiring the information in 2009 and quickly came under full scale assault by a shadow government team in 2011, which used a domestic violence court order in Florida to prevent Holmseth (a Minnesota resident) from publishing information about a child trafficking, child porn, and baby sales operation. The assault on Holmseth continued, and in 2012 the Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force stormed his home-office wearing bullet-proof vests seized his computer and destroyed the hard drive.

Holmseth’s 218 page MOTION and AFFIDAVIT began:

PETITIONER brings this MOTION TO VACATE because NEW EVIDENCE that was not available at the time of trial shows adverse parties within Minnesota law enforcement and the larger interstate judicial community, criminally and civilly conspired with agents of a private corporation that received support from the U.S. Military to strategically create life-threatening conflict in the life of Parties’ minor child REDACTED; conflict that would be used to justify court actions against Plaintiff’s constitutional rights for the illegal purpose of protecting a criminal enterprise of child sex trafficking and child pornography.  

On December 13, 2017 Minnesota District Judge Tamara Yon granted Holmseth’s motion.

“Mr. Holmseth has presented a significant amount of evidence regarding his investigations. Both parties and this Court acknowledge and agree that any order in this case which may prohibit or restrict Mr. Holmseth from conducting said investigations are VACATED.”

Holmseth’s evidence implicates former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, and former FBI Director James Comey.

Holmseth possesses information linking Attorney Gloria Allred to trafficking operations.

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