Minnesota 'Making Another Murderer' case sees first volleys following controversial traffic stop that sparked 911 call

By Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 23, 2018 at 6:22 P.M. CST

The police and city attorney in a small Northwest Minnesota town tried to frame a completely innocent journalist for kidnapping, rape, and murder of a missing child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

And they got caught.

And the showdown has now begun - with a very suspicious traffic stop.  

On July 19, 2018 Timothy Charles Holmseth, 50, East Grand Forks, was on his way to a scheduled court hearing in Crookston when an EGF police officer accelerated rapidly from a seemingly great distance to catch up with Holmseth - and pulled him over.

Holmseth called 911.

Does that seem like an over-reaction? Probably - unless your Timothy Charles Holmseth.

Here's what happened.

On July 20 Holmseth submitted a records request to EGF Police Chief Michael Hedlund that said "I was pulled over by Officer Trevino on July 19, 2018. I was on my way to court in Crookston. I am requesting all police dash cam, body cam, and police radio logs. I am requesting the videos and logs beginning ten minutes before I was pulled over and/through five minutes after," Holmseth said.

But something has abruptly changed in the process of requesting data from the City of East Grand Forks.

David Murphy, city manager, East Grand Forks, emailed Holmseth today." Generally you are only entitled to request and receive data from the City under the Minnesota Data Practices Act.  As you are aware, the City has a form for making data requests.  You must utilize this form for any such requests.  Further, I am the City’s responsible authority for data practices act requests.  Data requests directed to staff other than me will be disregarded," Murphy said.

"If you wish to communicate with the City about anything other than a data request, such communication must be directed to me.  If a legitimate request is made, I will respond," Murphy said.

Murphy told Holmseth his July 20 records request is being processed.

Does the City of EGF seem a little paranoid?

Murphy's email and information is odd, because on July 20, Holmseth filled out the City's form, which he has always used in the past for records requests, and emailed it to Chief Hedlund, which has been the standard practice for years.  

Murphy emphasized that all records request must now come to him (Murphy).

So what is going on?


Holmseth called 911 because he was in fear of either being shot by a cop using the standard 'SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!' trick where the police officer creates the false appearance he senses danger by frantically and repeatedly screaming 'SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!’, or the 'You seem overly nervous - you must have something to hide - we need to have our drug dog search your car' - whereupon the dog finds narcotics planted in the car earlier.

Why is this happening?

Here's why.


Holmseth is an FBI witness and investigative journalist that conducted some 100 hours of recorded interviews with key figures in the national profile child kidnapping and murder cases of Caylee Anthony and HaLeigh Cummings.

He uncovered an international child sex trafficking, pornography, and fake adoption operation involving Florida DCF, attorneys, prosecutors, judges, private investigators, advocates, and operatives that openly identified themselves as "FBI" and "CIA".  

It’s all on tape.

On July 17, 2018 Holmseth published an article entitled 'Transnational crime syndicate linked to police and public officials in Polk County Minnesota - BCA crime lab documents key evidence'.

The article showcases written statements from Drew Evans, superintendent, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) that exposes the EGFPD, Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force, and Attorney Ronald Galstad  in a plot similar to the events that unfolded with Steven Avery in the Netflix documentary Making A Murderer.

Drew Evans, Superintendant of BCA

Evans categorically states the BCA played no role whatsoever in the seizure of Holmseth’s computer hard-drive in 2012. However, Galstad told Assistant Chief District Judge Tamara Yon in open court that the police were working with the BCA regarding the operation and attached BCA evidence stickers to Holmseth’s property.

Galstad committed perjury to conceal the identity of co-conspirators that created child rape pornography of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings and falsely told him that copies had been sent to Holmseth – a journalist covering the story.  

EGF City Attorney Ron Galstad

The group, which included Sgt. Aeisso Schrage, a police officer with the EGFPD and commander of the Pine to Prairie Task Force, had created an extensive trail of false police reports that placed HaLeigh with Holmseth in his home and made Holmseth look like a drug dealer. .

The plan fell apart shortly after the computer was seized, when Galstad and the police realized Holmseth did not have the photos. This unexpected turn of events required Galstad and the police to hide what they were looking for because his informants were the very people that kidnapped and raped and photographed the little girl. .

Galstad is the prosecutor in the present criminal case against Holmseth.

Things don't look good for Galstad.

Levi Page, a former HLN personality, and Tina Church, a PI from Indiana, are co-conspirators of the EGFPD and Galstad in the 'making another murderer' plot.

Page and Church have recently been telephoning Holmseth and warning him that a mass protest is planned to take place in East Grand Forks, Minnesota at government buildings.

Church has telephoned Holmseth repeatedly and claimed she has been talking to Galstad and Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth about Holmseth. Church said she warned Galstad that if the City of EGF doesn't involuntarily commit Holmseth to a psychiatric ward, her high powered attorney from "Chicago" is going to sue the City of East Grand Forks.

Page told Holmseth, "I am going to make sure you are put in jail or that you are put on a psychiatric hold and you probably have another psyche eval coming up. Have a nice day psycho. Have an excellent day psycho," Page said.

Holmseth has evidence Galstad and police officers communicated with Page, Church, and several others as they attempted to create fake evidence around Holmseth that would make a jury believe he kidnapped, raped, and murdered HaLeigh Cummings. 











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