JACOB WETTERLING: Minnesota police departments were submitting tips regarding St. John’s University and an elite blood sacrifice cult

Slain Child Jacob Wetterling

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 15, 2018 at 11:11 P.M. CST

On October 30, 1989, Larry Toll, police officer, Baudette Police Department, advised investigators in the Jacob Wetterling investigation that a “reliable psychic” told him Jacob was in a church or monastery where he had been put by a man in a black robe.

It was the day before Halloween.

I (Timothy Charles Holmseth) chose to report this, because experience has taught me there are times when persons possess solid information about a missing person’s whereabouts, but will be executed if they give their name – sometimes the person with the information is a police officer - thus the information is submitted as a ‘psychic vision’.

Our team has only reviewed ten percent of the recently released file and this is the second report from a law enforcement officer regarding cult activity in the Wetterling abduction. There is also other reports about a satanic cult called in by everyday people.

Another entry in a lead sheet reveals a ‘Sgt. Nohner’ received a tip from Sgt. Varnold, Crystal Police Department, regarding a cult called the Council of 13.

“[Varnold] said he this Bennis was not capable of performing such an abduction because he was legally blind, but he mentioned that Bennis was participating in an occult type thing, named the Council of 13. Sgt. Varnold had indicated that he had reported Bennis as a possible source in that if this Council of 13 or the name Rick Bennis came up in our computer more than once,” Nohner reported.



Information I have obtained through my investigations supports what Officer Toll and Sgt. Varnold reported. Those two oath-keeping police officers may have been trying to save Jacob’s life on the night before Halloween by directing law enforcement to St. John’s University.

Information I have obtained is as follows:

The Council of 13 was still at it in 2016 when they attempted to fool the world with clothing, teeth, and bones they planted in rural Paynesville, Minnesota. The plan was to tell the world Danny Heinrich led investigators to the grave where he buried Jacob in 1989.

But there was a problem.

The lab determined the teeth and bones were NOT HUMAN.

The State of Minnesota is actually in a state of emergency and action by the U.S. Department of Justice should be commenced immediately in accordance with President Trump's Executive Order issued in December of 2017.

OPERATION PEDOGATE salutes officer’s Toll and Varnold for their brave patriotism and humanity.



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