What made you think it would be alright (to expose systematic torture deaths of children)?

By Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 31, 2018 at 10:25 A.M. CST

For ten years I knew who was stealing the babies and kids. For eight years I knew what they were doing with them. For two years I knew what they were REALLY doing with them.

I couldn't sleep anymore.

They're filleting them alive Tim

They're drinking their blood for the adrenochrome high Tim

On February 19, 2018 I was arrested.

At the meeting at Handy Law Office, after Timothy Holmseth expressed his thoughts and concerns and laid out his desired defenses regarding the court order issued in Broward County, Florida, Attorney Handy spoke. She asked Timothy Holmseth a question. She said, 'What made you think it would be alright to publish that on the Web despite the court order?' Timothy Holmseth replied by re-phrasing Attorney Handy's question back to her and removed the dynamic regarding the identity of the actual person that pushed the 'Send' button to publish the court records. Attorney Handy then re-iterated her question in its initial form where she again said it was Timothy Holmseth that published the court records.

Attorney Handy asked Timothy Holmseth the question about 'why' he did it, as if she was suggesting, that if he provided a good enough reason, explanation, or excuse, it may be a defense. However, Attorney Handy fully knows that would not be true. This appeared to be a deliberate attempt by Attorney Handy, with her investigator present as a witness, to solicit a confession or trick her own client into making what appeared to be a confession. - Formal Complaint / July 30, 2018

Courage is fear that said it prayers.

'...my flesh it was my currency but I held tru - so I drive a taxi'

- Cleopatra / Lumineers


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