Update: Pembina County police shooting investigation

Did deputy lie about knife during initial interview with BCI?

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 2, 2016, 9:30 A.M. CST

Does a crime scene photograph reveal a Pembina County deputy fabricated a story to justify shooting a man during a strange encounter on a rural North Dakota highway.

Write Into Action will continue to provide updates including other information pertaining to the 'knife'.

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In Re: Police Shooting

December 2, 2016

Ryan Bialas
States Attorney
Pembina County, ND

[Dear Attorney Bialis],

As you know, I am conducting a journalistic investigation into what I perceive to be many anomalies surrounding the true facts and circumstances that led up to the police shooting of Clifford Monteith III by Pembina County Deputy Brad Bowman in Neche, North Dakota.

I have been asked by multiple members of the public to conduct this review because people are afraid of law enforcement in the area and all the weird stuff going on.

In addition to the BCI statement from passing motorist, Sara Ramos Lextexier, who said she spoke with Deputy Bowman who was out of breath, while seeing a second vehicle and a man lying on the ground (which in no way matches the official story), I have observed other anomalies with the official story presented to the public through the media that advanced an Attempted Murder charge against Monteith by your Office.

The specific issue I am addressing here is the fact that Deputy Bowman, during his initial Public Safety Statement to the BCI, said he shot Clifford Monteith because Monteith had a knife while in the car.

Please observe the highlighted segment of Bowman’s statement on Jun 5, 2016 (pasted below) and then compare it to the photograph from the scene which shows a knife sitting far away from the vehicle and nowhere near the shooting. 

I have observed many inconsistencies in the entire narrative, including Bowman’s story, and will be addressing them on my publication using an ‘Update’ format of reporting as a public service regarding public safety.

Pleas comment if you would like.


Timothy Charles Holmseth


Cc: Liz Brocker, North Dakota Attorney General

Attached: Crime Scene JPG






CASE 16-0388: Officer-Involved Shooting - CLIFFORD MONTEITH III/Deputy BRADLEY BOWMAN

Initiating Agency: Pembina County Sheriffs Dept Cavalier

Assisting Agency: ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation

Case Agent: Special Agent Kraft

Nature of Case: Officer-Involved Shooting


Report 101: Scene Processing

Report Type: Narrative

Reporting Agent: Special Agent Kraft

Activity Date: 06/05/2016

Activity Location: Highway 18, Neche, Pembina County, ND

Report Approved By: Special Agent Kraft and Supervisory Special Agent Rummel



2:36 a.m. - S/A Kraft took Deputy BRAD BOWMAN’s public safety statement. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN stated he made contact with a vehicle on Highway 18 near Neche, North Dakota. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN stated when he approached the driver of the vehicle, Rebecca Rausch, Deputy BRAD BOWMAN observed she had a black eye. After speaking with her, Deputy BRAD BOWMAN asked the passenger of the vehicle, CLIFFORD MONTEITH III, to step out of the vehicle. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN stated he tried to ID (identify) CLIFFORD MONTEITH III and CLIFFORD MONTEITH III came towards him. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN attempted to deploy his taser on CLIFFORD MONTEITH III, but it was unsuccessful. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN and CLIFFORD MONTEITH III were in a physical confrontation on the highway where Deputy BRAD BOWMAN was head-butted and struck by CLIFFORD MONTEITH III. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN stated his vest came off. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN backed away when Deputy BRAD BOWMAN saw CLIFFORD MONTEITH III had a knife. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN was opening up the driver’s door of his patrol vehicle and CLIFFORD MONTEITH III kicked the door out of his hand. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN went around the patrol vehicle to the passenger’s side. CLIFFORD MONTEITH III got into the driver’s side of the vehicle. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN had his weapon drawn and entered the passenger side. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN stated CLIFFORD MONTEITH III had a knife in his hand and Deputy BRAD BOWMAN was in a struggle with CLIFFORD MONTEITH III in the vehicle. CLIFFORD MONTEITH III reached for Deputy BRAD BOWMAN’s weapon and Deputy BRAD BOWMAN feared for his life. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN shot three (3) times at CLIFFORD MONTEITH III. CLIFFORD MONTEITH III got out of Deputy BRAD BOWMAN’s vehicle and got into Rebecca Rausch’s vehicle. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN was unable to find his patrol vehicle keys at this time. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN later found the keys. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN stated he did not leave the area nor did he disturb the scene.

Bowman/Monteith police shooting scene. Deputy Brad Bowman told BCI he shot Monteith inside the police vehicle because Monteith had a knife. Note marker number five (5) that shows a knife far away from the vehicle.



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