Did the East Grand Forks Police Department and City Attorney cover-up child pornography and sex trafficking?  


By Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 13, 2018 at 12:09 P.M. CST

Did the East Grand Forks Police Department and City Attorney secretly search for child pornography of a missing child on a journalist's computer - without specifying it's existent in the Search Warrant - so the kidnappers would remain safe from prosecution?

Timothy Charles Holmseth says they did - and it is going to federal court.

Court transcriptions obtained today by Holmseth from two court hearings implicate officials in Polk County, Minnesota.  

During a court hearing in Polk County on August 30, 2018, Ronald Galstad, the prosecutor for the State of Minnesota, requested Timothy Charles Holmseth submit to a competency evaluation after Holmseth told the court he is filing a federal deprivation of rights lawsuit (Holmseth's lawsuit is being filed by Holmseth's trial attorney Steven S. Biss.)

However, the devil is in the details, and it involves a police cover-up of a child sex trafficking operation Holmseth says he uncovered during a journalism project in 2009.    

Holmseth recently published EGF City Attorney Galstad committed perjury in 2013 after he conspired with East Grand Forks Police, and out of state bad actors connected to an Indiana corporation called Specialized Investigative Consultants Inc. to frame him (Holmseth) for kidnapping, rape, and murder of a missing child.

Holmseth asserts Galstad was involved in a plot to seize his computer. where the conspirators believed police would find naked pictures of a kidnapped child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings - a case Holmseth was covering as a journalist.

Holmseth asserts associates with Specialized Investigative Consultants Inc. knew the child pornography existed, because, they are the ones that actually kidnapped HaLeigh Cummings, created child porn of her, and trafficked her.

Holmseth says the police and Indiana actors executed an elaborate scheme to frame Holmseth that included placing a false police report to the EGFPD that Holmseth bragged he had the kidnapped child in his home.

On December 14, 2012 the EGFPD and Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force raided Holmseth's home-office and seized his computer with a Warrant, crafted to make Holmseth look like a drug dealer.  

But they weren't looking for drugs.

Holmseth asserts they were actually looking for the child porn of HaLeigh Cummings, which they believed had been mailed to Holmseth during his journalism project on the national profile kidnapping.

On January 4, 2013 there was hearing in Polk County, Minnesota and the following was stated:

    “I’ve just been notified that the BCA, before they’ll do a forensic search of that computer, wants either an Order of this court, or a search warrant that says they can - - we got the original search warrant, but for whatever reason the BCA wants something that says that they can actually search that hard-drive. So I am going to be either, one, asking - - or requesting an additional warrant for forensic search of that computer hard-drive or the Court can make that Order as they see fit, but I’m going to be doing that.”
     - Attorney Ronald Galstad / January 4, 2013

The BCA says that is not true.

"The BCA has no record of receiving evidence related to the warrant you reference and had no role in the investigation you describe," said Jill Oliveira, public relations officer, BCA.


However, when Holmseth's seized property was eventually returned it was covered with BCA evidence stickers.

On August 30, 2018 Ronald Galstad told the Court he wants Holmseth psychologically evaluated because Holmseth implicated him, and others, in a "conspiracy".


Mr. Holmseth: The reason I'm filing a federal lawsuit, your honor, is because I've been charged on this order out of Florida on two different occasions and I've been assigned three different attorney from the Minnesota Public Defenders office and none of these attorneys, all three of them, they all refused to challenge this order based on the First Amendment, yet I have a trial attorney out of the Washington D.C. area who told me that this order violates the Constitution on its face. So I've got three attorneys and the latest one is Ms. Handy refused to make this challenge. I deserve to have an attorney but the attorney should be filing this. Any attorney that's not in the Minnesota Public Defenders office says its not constitutional.

The Court: Okay

Mr. Holmseth: The only option I had was a deprivation of rights lawsuit.

Mr. Galstad: I would just like to weigh in. I am, at this time, based upon all of the things that have happened, I am going to request a motion for a Rule 20.01. I believe Mr. - - I question his competency. To verify my reason, after the last hearing, on the way to the last hearing, Mr. Holmseth was actually picked up on a routine traffic stop. During that routine traffic stop he's claiming threat the police in East Grand Forks are trying to plant drugs on him. He feared for his safety. Afterwards he posts on his website that he didn't think that he was ever going to see his children again. That the police are shooting people and based upon that I don't think he's competent.  

The other thing of it is, and you're seeing it right now, is that anybody that disagrees with him become a part of this larger conspiracy. He's blamed - - I'm part of the conspiracy, the public defenders office is part of the conspiracy. He's implicated ex-president Barack Obama in the conspiracy. He's implicated the entire East Grand Forks Police office in the conspiracy. Depending on which case you are talking about, he implicates the FBI in the conspiracy.

Mr. Holmseth: May I object for a moment?

Mr. Galstad: Half the state - -

Mr. Holmseth: Should my attorney be objecting to what he's doing?

Mr. Galstad: No, but half the state of Florida is in the conspiracy.

Mr. Holmseth: Should my attorney be objecting to what he's doing right now?

The Court: Let me just stop both side.

Mr. Galstad: That's why I'm asking for a 20.01 motion.

~end snippet~


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