Misty Croslin’s attorney planned to file lawsuits against multiple parties for defamation before her arrest 

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 8, 2016, 9:45 P.M.

Robert Fields, the attorney representing Misty Croslin, planned on filing multiple lawsuits on Croslin’s behalf before she was suddenly arrested in a drug trafficking sting.

The revelations of Fields’ plans to file lawsuits have become significant in light of the post-conviction motion filed by Croslin in July, 2015, where she asserts Attorney Fields never raised the defense of “entrapment”.

Misty Croslin and Attorney Robert Fields

Timothy Holmseth, Write Into Action, has submitted an Amicus Brief to the Florida Court demonstrating Croslin was in fact entrapped by members of a drug, child, and porn trafficking syndicate that strategically orchestrated her into her involvement with drug deals. 

Evidence shows Fields had ample evidence to know Croslin was being entrapped by members of a criminal syndicate that involved her boyfriend Ronald Cummings, and even discussed it with her.

Field’s knew Croslin was in danger.

Fields told Holmseth he was approached by individuals that wanted to take Croslin out of the country.

“I’ve gotten calls from high profile investigators; high profile bounty hunters; only to realize they are in it for themselves. I got to take Misty out of State, or I got to take Misty to Canada,” Fields said, explaining what he was being told.

“I have targets that I think that I, that there’s legitimate lawsuits for libel, defamation, and slander,” Fields told Holmseth.

Fields told the Court the same thing during a court hearing today.

“As a matter of fact, before the drug cases took off – were around – I even advised her, we discussed this, I said ‘Misty you can get away from Ronald you can get away from all this, there are no charge on you – why don’t you go to Europe – why don’t you get out of here,’” Fields testified.  

Fields’ statements raise the strong likelihood that he did in fact have information about Croslin’s situation that he never offered as a defense.

“Her life has been threatened, she can’t get a job, she can’t do anything, and I’ve got everybody from Nancy Grace on down that has just slandered her in the press,” Fields said.

Holmseth believes one of the ‘bounty hunters’ referred to by Fields is William Staubs, also known as ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’.

In Holmseth’s Amicus Brief he provided evidence to the Court that Staubs is involved in drug and child porn trafficking, and that Staubs is the mastermind behind the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

“There are a significant number of people who have made statements and written word that I will consider going after, after  consulting with Misty when something comes out to help us,” Fields told Holmseth.

The information Fields’ was looking for is contained in Holmseth’s Amicus Brief.

“It’s almost like the Salem Witch Trial - she just can’t make a move,” Fields told Holmseth.

But now – Fields suggests Croslin, an 18 year-old girl with no criminal record, agreed she would be ‘lucky’ to receive 25 years in prison instead of 50.

Fields said he received a call about Timothy Holmseth from an attorney early in the case. “I remember, initially, when I got a call, back, when I got a call from another attorney about you,” Fields said.

Holmseth is the Plaintiff in Holmseth v. City of East Grand Forks Et Al – District of Minnesota - Civil No. 14-2970 (DWF/LIB).

Holmseth has evidence that the same crime syndicate threatening Croslin, has been threatening him and his children, and extorting his family with online sex attacks and threats of kidnapping his grandchild.  

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