Semen and pubic hair on Caylee Anthony’s body   

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 12, 2017, 10:23 P.M. CST

Caylee’s Anthony’s last moments involved a sexual assault by an adult male. The tape over her mouth muffled her screams.

(Q) Who would do that to a toddler?

(A) Luciferians during a ritual

Caylee’s death will be explained through Rev. Richard Grund’s recorded statements to me about an Anthony family conspiracy against him to plant semen and pubic hair connected to his family - on Caylee’s body - before her body was even found.

Grund told me he used to be a Satanist with “special gifts” that had a face to face encounter with a fallen Watcher, but claims he’s now a Christian that hunts and battles demons.   

Grund perceived little two year-old Caylee as a sexual being (with a sex demon in her) that would “flirt with men”.

Nobody in their right mind would even think that of a two year-old (unless they are a pedophile).

“Casey was deathly afraid of becoming her mother - I will testify to that. She was deathly afraid of becoming her mother. She became an exaggerated form of her mother. Caylee at the age of two and a half was already becoming both Casey and Cindy. Go back and read all the witness statements about Caylee - she would flirt with men. She would want to be around men. She slept in the bed with Casey and her boyfriend Ricardo Morales. This was a little girl that had four or five pairs of sunglasses - was always in front of a camera. She was on her way to being an exaggerated form of Casey and Cindy.”
     -Rev. Richard Grund / Interview w/ Investigative Journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth / May, 2009

The entire Anthony and Grund families know exactly what happened.

For legal reasons, I cannot presently publish the mammoth amount audio I have, which includes some being sent to me by a federal agent.

But it’s going to be published and the world is going to know what happed to Caylee Anthony.

Here’s a very, very small segment I can publish.

ATTORNEY: I said you know what. He’s probably working for that Dominic Casey guy. Because Dominic Casey has been trying to get Bill (William Staubs) arrested. So he can get him thrown out of town and thrown off the case - since day one. So he can go off in his glory and solved this case. I even talked to Dominic Casey about it who’s saying Bill’s going to jail – Bill’s doing this – Bill’s going to jail. And I said, ya know, tried to get Dominic Casey to leave Bill alone. And he won’t – he won’t – Dominic Casey wants Bill in jail.

PAULA ANDREWS (Fiancé’ of William Staubs): I thought he was in the Caylee case or doesn’t he supposedly have something to do with Casey Anthony?

ATTORNEY: No, no he’s in the HaLeigh (Cummings) case now. And he’s got CI’s (Confidential Informants) that he claims he’s busted Bill tampering with evidence – that he’s told the police about it – that he’s busted Bill taking down Snodgrass. I had to get – so then I’m thinking to myself this fucking dick Jeremiah is one of Dominic Casey’s CI’s. That he’s got – that he’s trying to get all of us in trouble.

Author Wayanne Kruger, an associate of Grund, told me she feared Grund killed kidnapped child HaLeigh Cummings in what she called another one of his “frickin’ exorcisms”.  

How did Caylee die?

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