This is the storm

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 12, 2018 at 8:58 A.M. CST

Many believe President Trump IS the STORM.

I don't think so.

I'll explain.

Have you ever wondered why hurricanes are becoming particularly deadly and regularly catastrophic?

Well...I believe I know.

In 2009 I uncovered the identities and methods of Luciferian CIA international child sex trafficking operatives selling kids, babies, pornography, guns, and drugs in Florida.

There's a lot going on in Florida.

I was interviewed by Robert Mueller's FBI who gathered intelligence and evidence from me but did nothing to interfere with operations.

I received non-stops threats to cease reporting on missing children which included a threat I would 'lose my head' when I started exposing the truth about the Jacob Wetterling cover up. I learned that during the first days of the Wetterling investigation there was 15 CIA operatives in the area.

There have been three attempts to kill me and/or have me put in prison – they’ve threatened my children – harassed my employers - had me fired from jobs - ruined my reputation - and ruined my vehicle.

I'm a wanted man in Florida.

When you cross the CIA they send regular bad weather.

In 2015 Donald Trump was elected president, and surrounded by military brass, he warned of a "storm" to come as he touted the best military in the world.

President Trump was ready for war and he let our enemies know it.

While standing before the press President Trump was asked a question.


(Q) What storm Mr. President?

(A) You'll find out.

President Trump wasn't talking to the good guys.

He was warning the bad guys.

President Trump is not the storm.

President Trump as his team is ‘Q’.

This is the storm (see below).

We are at war.

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