University of North Dakota having all kinds of problems

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 28, 2016, 11:42 A.M. CST

Recent headlines in the Grand Forks Herald are lamenting various unresolved problems involving UND athletics and budgeting issues.

The reporting is lacking.

On April 7, 2016 Write Into Action exclusively reported that a group of UND football players were kicked off the football team for drug trafficking.

“There’s a huge drug trafficking ring at UND and they’re all part of the football team. They sell cocaine, ecstasy, pot – you name it. They bring it in from California,” the UND insider said.

On August 16, 2016 some guy named Tom Miller that reports sports news for the Herald was allowed to run his little mouth on the front page with disrespectful and arrogant commentary about UND President Mark Kennedy.

However – if this Miller kid knows so much about UND athletics, one has to wonder why he doesn’t know about their gangland football team being forced to clean out their lockers due to drug trafficking.

Yet there he is - wagging his little finger at the UND president – acting like Cartman on South Park.

Tom Miller / Intrepid Sports Reporter and Opinion Columnist

Of course – the UND drug trafficking issue could really become a public relations disaster if the Grand Forks community and the Valley Region make the connection between the UND narcotics enterprise and the former UND cop, Jerad Braaten, that hunted down and un-armed man and shot him in the head in front of a hospital.

Mafioso type police fraternity guys roving college campuses with loaded guns is not a very attractive image.

Braaten was reprimanded in writing by UND Police Chief Eric Plummer for hiding and/or destroying his police body-cam after the shooting; but he was scooped up for employment in less than a year by GFPD Chief Mark Nelson.  

Cute, eh?

Nobody was supposed to catch that.

I have filed a lawsuit in United States District Court in hopes of stopping the planned destruction of the police shooting videos and rampant tampering with evidence by the GFPD, UNDPD, and others.

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