Anxiety growing that Casey Anthony is going to tell the truth about the murder of Caylee Anthony

Wayanne Kruger holds the key- illegal adoptions gone wrong

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 27, 2017, 10:15 P.M. CST

“We want to deflect the case of Casey Anthony. Get a bigger case to make headline news. And get everybody infatuated with that case – and less on Casey Anthony”
     - Wayanne Kruger /  Interview w/ Investigative Journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth

Daily Mail is reporting that George and Cindy Anthony recently told Crime Watch Daily that their daughter Casey is mentally ill as reality series with O.J. Simpson may be in the works.

What the ‘mentally ill’ claims by the Anthony’s REALLY means is – they are very worried Casey is going to start talking about what really happened to Caylee - and they are trying to discredit her.


Rev. Richard Grund (a.k.a. The REAL Nanny???) told me Casey was involved in a diabolical conspiracy to plant ‘Grund’ semen and pubic hair on Caylee’s body – before it was even found.

Why did Grund think semen and pubic hair would be on Caylee's body?

Perhaps Casey KNOWS why.

Let that sink in.

Emails from Cindy Anthony to PI Dominic Casey revealed Cindy was worried Grund may have killed Caylee in a religious ritual and talked about Caylee having “Nephilim” blood.

Wayanne Kruger expressed the same fear to me during our interviews. She said she hoped Grund didn’t kill the missing child HaLeigh Cummings in another one of his “frickin exorcisms”.

Keep letting it sink in.

Grund told me Casey was possessed by Moloch.

“What’s inside Casey used to be worshipped as a god. And how it was worshipped was by the sacrifice of babies. It was a Hebrew god – it was a Babylonian god called Moloch – that’s what’s inside Casey.”
     -Rev. Richard Grund / Interview w/ Investigative Journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth / May, 2009


The beginning of the road to the truth about what really happened to Caylee Anthony is found in a security report dated February 8, 2009 by D&A Investigation Inc.

D&A Investigation was the agency operated by private investigator Dominic Casey who was retained by Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez.

In a security report that was prepared in advance of the February 10, 2009 memorial for Caylee at the First Baptist Church in Orlando, the security detail were instructed to watch for certain individuals and deny them access to the memorial.

Among the names were Wayanne Kruger, Rev. Richard Grund, and William (Murt) Murtaugh.

William Murtaugh publically claimed he knew the identity of missing child Trenton Duckett’s kidnapper when wrote a letter to the person – a very disturbing event widely reported. Murtaugh subsequently purcahsed a creep van (old news truck) and became obsessed with Caylee Anthony and HaLeigh Cummings.

Murtaugh contacted me in 2013 and asked me to answer sexual questions about my children per an investigation he said was doing based upon information he said he obtained from a Florida lawyer.

When you listen to my interviews with Kruger you are going to learn the lawyer was selling children and babies.

If you want to know what happed to Caylee Anthony – start with WAYANNE KRUGER and GLORIA ALLRED.

Wayanne Kruger was in contact with her protégé Gloria Allred when she (Kruger) became the official advocate for Crystal Sheffield, the mother of HaLeigh Cummings.

HaLeigh Cummings vanished on the SAME DAY (February 10, 2009) as Caylee’s Memorial.

The children are being gobbled up in a child sex trafficking operation.

Listen to my interviews with Kruger.

You'll begin to understand. 

“…anyone can do anything if they hold the right cards – so I’m thinking about my life now – now – I’m thinking very hard”
-The Who / It’s Hard







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