Corruption Investigation:

Man shot by Pembina County deputy still not booked into county jail

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 9, 2016, 8:40 P.M. CST

After four days, the man charged with Attempted Murder of a Pembina County deputy is still not booked into the county jail facility.

On Sunday, June 5 at around 12:18 A.M. Pembina County deputy Brad Bowman shot Clifford Edward Monteith III, Grand Forks, after Monteith allegedly attacked him with a knife and attempted take his gun.

Clifford Edward Monteith III

Then the story becomes vague.

The Grand Forks Herald reported “Clifford Edward Monteith III, 26, was placed in Pembina County custody Monday (June 6) night, but he hasn’t been booked in the county jail yet, State’s Attorney Ryan Bialas said.”

On June 7, the Dickinson Press reported “It's unclear if Monteith is still in the hospital or in jail.”

The Complaint against Monteith filed by State’s Attorney Bialas and signed by Judge Laurie A. Fontaine is dated June 7.

Write Into Action contacted Pembina County Sheriff Terry Meidinger today regarding the location of Monteith.  “Mr. Monteith has not been booked into our facility,” Sheriff Meidinger said.


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