Doug Burgum: The Donald Trump Effect

Wayne Stenehjem's evil being felt by North Dakota?

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 12, 2016, 8:33 A.M. CST

Is the phenomenal rise of Doug Burgum’s popularity in the North Dakota governor race actually the State experiencing the Donald Trump Effect?

Doug Burgum

Are North Dakotan's starting to 'feel the real' Wayne Stenehjem?

Burgum continues to rise in the polls as the establishment's good ol' boys in North Dakota scratch their heaads.

Supporters across the nation favor Trump because he is not a career politician, and is a phenomenally successful business man – much like Burgum.

Trump supporters across the board says they are sick of being lied to by an embedded corrupt government and hoax media that deceives and covers up; all at the great expense of the population in the wicked interests of a very small few. 

Evidence suggests North Dakota is experiencing the Donald Trump Effect between Stenhjem and Burgum.

Donald Trump


There are new questions about Stenehjem and the good ol’ boys network he serves.

It involves a drug trafficking ring, police shootings, overdoses, and mysterious deaths in North Dakota and Minnesota.

And... a 911 call that will ANSWER THE QUESTIONS once and for all.

Are Wayne Stenehjem and Grand Forks States Attorney David Jones behind the failure of Grand Forks PSAP to produce the 911 call made by a police shooting victim?

On April 29, 2016 Write Into Action paid a required down payment for the first seven minutes of the 911 call made by David James Elliott the night he was shot by a UND police officer in the Altru hospital parking lot in Grand Forks.

Stenehjem’s BCI investigated the shooting and Jones’ office found the shooting to be justified.

Evidence shows Stenehjem and Jones know the shooting was an attempted murder of Elliott, whose vehicle contained thousands of pills – a fact that quietly went away.

Write Into Action requested the first seven minutes of the 107 minute 911 call, which will reveal to the public what Elliott said when he called 911. 

The transcript still has not been produced.

Write Into Action has acquired the 911 transcript from the cleaning lady at Wells Fargo Bank that originally called about a suspicious vehicle being parked in the bank lot. That call ultimately sparked the pursuit of Elliott. The cleaning lady indicated there was more than one person in the vehicle.

If so – that fact has never come out.

If there was in fact more than one person in Elliott’s vehicle along with the thousands of pills; that person would have gotten trapped in the vehicle when the pursuit started. Available records show Elliott told the police via 911 he was going to run his truck off a bridge if they didn't back off. Records further show they backed-off but stayed on 911 with him and tracked his vehicle's location with GPS for 107 minutes as be drove up and down I-29.

Records then reveal a state trooper observed Elliott's vehicle parked by I-29 and a person standing outside of it.

Write Into Action is attempting to determine the identity of any person that might have been in the vehicle with Elliott, and is not ruling out the possibility it was a law enforcement officer that was dealing drugs with Elliott.

But after a month and a half, officials won't turn the records over.

Extended evidence and investigation shows it’s a cover-up to protect a transnational drug trafficking operation that Stenehjem is involved in. 

It involves officers embedded into every law enforcement agency - state and federal.


  • David James Elliott immediately called 911 after GFPD officer Dan Harvala began pursuing him. The mysterious 911 call lasted 107 minutes. Elliott remained on the telephone with 911 until the very moment he was shot.
    • The public has never heard one word of the 911 call.
    • Mainstream media (The Herald, Valley News Live, FOX, etc.) has not requested the transcripts.
    • Write Into Action made a down payment for the first seven minutes of the call over one moth ago. Grand Forks PSAP still has not produced the transcript.
  • GFPD officer Dan Harvala, the first officer to pursue David Elliott, was at the apartment of a drug dealer in Grand Forks only minutes before the pursuit began. Two months later Harvala would return to the exact same apartment and immediately charge a seemingly innocent Somali man, Mohammed Mohamed, with ‘Attempted Murder’ based upon the ridiculous and ever-changing word of the drug dealer. Harvala brought the Attempted Murder charges against Mohammed without even locating or interviewing two other men that were involved.
  • Dispatch logs show UND police officers Mark Thorpe, Jayson Waltz, Jerad Braaten, Danny Weigel, Frank Lanasa, and Heather Hopkins, all terminated a ‘Suspicious Person’ call at a sorority house on the UND campus at the exact same moment dash-cam video shows GFPD officers terminated the first Elliott pursuit that was occurring on I-29 near Thompson, ND. The timing is an impossible coincidence. Jerad Braaten would shoot Elliott a short time later.
  • UND police officer Jerad Braaten was not scheduled the work on the night he shot David Elliott. He was not wearing his usual uniform. He did not activate his dash cam during the shift. He placed his body cam in a way it (allegedly) did not capture anything.
    • Write Into Action has requested the body-cam evidence from all the UND officers during the time-window in question. UNDPD has still not produced the open record cam evidence.
    • Write Into Action asked UNDPD if Jerad Braaten was out of the UND patrol district on February 27-28, 2015 but received no response.
  • At the time events began to unfold with David Elliott on February 27, 2015, the mysterious death of Caitlin Erickson was also occurring in Grand Forks. Records show police officers were responding to the two events at the same time. Records show no real attempts to solve Erickson’s death, which appears to have been a homicide. Alternatively – records indicate the GFPD partnered with the Grand Forks Herald/Forum Communications to obfuscate and conceal what happened to Erickson by not reporting the sounds of violence or the drugs found in Erickson’s apartment and blood.
  • Dash-cam video from GFPD Dan Harvala’s car captured Jerad Braaten shooting David Elliott. The video was mysteriously converted to black and white (to the exception of all the other videos) to obfuscate what is being seen in the video.
  • Thousands of pills were found in David Elliott’s vehicle after he was shot. Nobody was ever charged for a crime regarding those drugs.


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